Davey Boy Returns!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 06-11-2014 21:12 GMT
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The ongoing battle to establish exactly who is the premier power couple in ICW raged on at Fear & Loathing VII, as Kay Lee Ray & Stevie Boy met Carmel Jacob & Liam Thomson in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls epic. Fans were eager to see the tandem of Kay Lee and Stevie finally put to bed claims from Carmel that she and her man, Thomson, were the only choice, and there remained the intrigue of what might happen should genders splice and meet inside the ring.

Normally in wrestling, such matches are dubbed 'intergender', but the men fight the men and the women face the women. Not in ICW! Equal opportunities are very much the order of the day. Besides, both Kay Lee and Carmel are to be feared regardless of sex – being tough doesn't discriminate.

The match itself was quite the tussle, going to one fall apiece, before Carmel would get up to her devious tricks once again. Pushing the referee into the ropes, thus knocking Kay Lee Ray – who was on the top turnbuckle – off balance, the vicious vixen of ICW then spiked her red-haired opponent with a suitably nasty DDT, pinning her afterwards.

For a bout built so strongly on giving the victor the bragging rights, the win should have been enough for Carmel and Thomson, but typically, it wasn't. Attacking their fallen rivals after the bell was an unsavoury move, one which had the capacity crowd at the Barrowlands booing.

Having seen enough, none other than Davey Boy – who hasn't been seen wrestling in ICW since ICW: Up & Atom in May – appeared on the stage. Sprinting down the ramp, the returning favourite ran through a helpless Liam Thomson with a sickening spear. After being slapped by Carmel, who didn't look quite as happy to see Davey as the ICW fans, 'Tyrannosaurus Sex' picked up the 'Pipebomb Princess', just in time for Stevie Boy to swoop in and deliver a thunderous 3D.

A grand return for sure, and ICW announcer Billy Kirkwood surmised that every team in Insane Championship Wrestling should sit up and take notice. One of the most popular ICW Tag-Team Champions of all time, The Bucky Boys are back. Adding the exclamation point, delivering a picture-perfect Senton Bomb to Carmel, Kay Lee Ray looked the perfect fit in between both Davey & Stevie Boy. Along with The Wee Man, this was almost like a family reunion.

What then does the future hold? Is Kay Lee Ray the last piece of the puzzle for The Bucky Boys? Will Davey Boy now expect her to step aside upon his return, so normal business can be resumed for the former tag champs? Right now, there are perhaps more questions than answers, but listening to the crowd at Fear & Loathing VII, the high-flying female has their thumbs up for staying in The Bucky Boys mix permanently.

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