Darkside Of The NAK
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 13-05-2014 15:21 GMT
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When ICW fans think of Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn and Dickie Divers, thoughts inevitably turn to what those names once stood for. Gone are the days of doing all they can to please the fans, a more sinister vibe now circulates around the trio, who came together as almost a band of brothers, united to make statements.

At 'Show Me Your Lizard', the group made perhaps their biggest statement yet. The greatest groups in wrestling history are renowned for moments of shock, happenings which turn the very industry upside down. Last weekend at The Garage, the 'New Age Kliq' stepped things up another notch. Reminiscent of the reaction that greeted Renfrew's shocking turn on Mark Dallas last year, an altogether more eery and ominous side of the faction was revealed.

As a two-time former ICW Heavyweight Champion, James Scott has preferred to leave gang-land tactics behind since the fracture of The Gold Label in late-2012. Instead, the wrestling machine has elected to allow his natural ability inside a wrestling ring to do the talking for him, purely out-wrestling all before him. In speaking to fans who attend ICW shows, it's clear that whilst Scott has never been particularly popular on a personal level, the amount of respect earned by the man over years of hard graft is there for all to see.

Out of all the challenges posed to the ex-champ, Joe Coffey is cut from the same cloth. A powerful grappler, one with a keen sense of poise, balance and sheer wrestling skill, Coffey and Scott have been unable to out-wrestle one another, trading wins and even going to time limit draws in the process.

Following such frustrations as a time limit stalemate at 'Show Me Your Lizard', James Scott shockingly told the world that he was calling time on his in-ring career. Suffering two major back surgeries, with the threat of a third looming, this warrior decreed that Coffey was 'the future of pro wrestling', and left the ring. To say everyone was shocked would be a gross understatement, and tears were even shed ringside by fans unable to comprehend what they'd just heard.

After such a truly saddening, but class-filled moment, it was impossible to envisage what would happen next; during a rare occasion where others had the upper-hand over the NAK – a 4-on-3 handicap encounter pitting The Bucky Boys, Jimmy Havoc & Wolfgang against the vicious threesome – a hooded figure wearing a menacing mask would emerge, even walking out to the NAK's entrance music.
Brutally attacking Stevie Boy, allowing Renfrew, Gunn & Divers to pin him for the win, the hooded man astoundingly turned out to be James Scott, but with a twist. Once known as Darkside, it appears the name 'James Scott' has been retired, but the brooding-yet-snarling figure of Darkside has re-emerged.

Put in plain English, this spells trouble for the rest of ICW. If it was hard to handle the NAK before, just imagine how powerful they are now with the longest reigning ICW Heavyweight Champion in history now in their midst.

Fables and myths tell stories of light always prevailing over darkness, but myths and fables are rarely based on reality. One thing's for sure after Sunday, going forward, the NAK are very, very real, and so are ICW's nightmares from this moment on.

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