By Scott Reid

Mark Dallas has defied the odds for the entirety of his time with ICW. Raising the company from the community halls of Maryhill to some of the biggest venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Dallas has built a phenomenon, all the while fighting against the naysayers and doubters who said he would never succeed.

One of the biggest fights of Mark Dallas's life took place at ICW: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day last Sunday, as the company owner made his in-ring debut against "The King of Chat" Jackie Polo, in a match where the ownership of Insane Championship Wrestling was on the line.

Despite his obvious experience disadvantage, Dallas seemed ready and willing to put his body on the line for his company, but the events that unfolded showed a very different side to ICW founder.

As fan support has grown over the months for Jackie Polo and his quest to own ICW, Dallas has become noticeably irritated with the reaction that the thorn in his side has been receiving. Throughout their brawl, Polo once again had a large number of fans firmly behind him, cheering him on and waiting for his seemingly imminent victory to come. His victory was not to come however, as Dallas had decided to play the numbers game, and enlisted the help of JD Bravo, Jamie Feerick, DCT, Tim Wylie, Sweeney and the returning Lionheart to ensure he walked away with his company still under his control.

As he stood victorious in the ring, Dallas took to the mic, and delivered a scathing speech which shocked many in attendance. Beaten and bruised, he aired his outrage at the fans, who he believed had turned their back on him in support of Polo, despite his constant desire to give them what they want to see in ICW. He then turned his attention to the roster, claiming that, from now on, everyone will "toe the line", before announcing "I no longer represent ICW. I simply run ICW".

Is this a new Mark Dallas we are seeing, or is the pressure of recent months simply weighing too heavy on the owner? No one knows for sure right now, but the next few months will certainly be an interesting time for anyone who steps into the path of Mark Dallas.