Damo VS Dave Mastiff
By Scott Reid
Posted On 13-04-2015 18:10 GMT
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Professional Wrestling is full of unique individuals. Some are extremely charismatic, some are lightning quick high-flyers who dazzle fans every night, and some are dark, terrifying characters who strike fear with a simple glance. Every so often though, there emerges a monster in wrestling. A competitor whose physical attributes simply dwarf those of the people around them, making them seemingly unstoppable in the eyes of fans. At ICW: Paperboy, fans will have the rare opportunity to see two of the absolute best heavyweights in the UK today go at it, in a rematch that fans have been itching to see. The 02 Academy Birmingham will never be the same as ‘The Beast’ meets ‘The Bastard’

‘The Beast of Belfast’ Damo is a competitor unlike most others. Weighing at around the 22-Stone mark, Damo is a walking nightmare for anyone who faces him. Possessing unnatural strength, and having competed up and down the country for years, Damo is an experienced destroyer who can go hold-for-hold with the finest grapplers in the business, before knocking them out cold with the sheer brute force of an oncoming truck. Having recently made his intentions clear that he plans to pursue the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, Damo is now focused on taking out every opponent he faces, to prove that he deserves a shot at the gold. A determined man with a goal is difficult enough to stop, but when that man is a human wrecking-ball, it may be impossible to halt the momentum of ‘The Beast of Belfast’.

If there is one man who could stop ‘The Beast’ however, it is a man who matches Damo in almost all aspects; ‘The Bastard’ Dave Mastiff. While he may have only made his way to ICW once before, ‘The Bastard’ left a lasting impression on the ICW fans when he last came to the 02 Academy Birmingham. Taking Damo to the absolute limit, and displaying feats of strength that many simply couldn’t fathom, Mastiff showed that he has what it takes to be one of the most dominant competitors in ICW, and he won’t go down with a fight. In this huge rematch, Mastiff has everything to gain against Damo, and that may be the motivation he needs to win. Needing to even the score with ‘The Beast’ after their last meeting, Mastiff could also potentially insert himself into the ICW World Heavyweight Championship picture, should he find a way to vanquish his opponent at ICW: Paperboy. Is Dave Mastiff primed and ready to step into the main event picture in ICW?

The irresistible force meets the immovable object this Saturday, but only one can be called the winner. Will ‘The Beast of Belfast’ Damo send a message to the ICW World Heavyweight Champion by defeating one of the best in the country, or will ‘The Bastard’ even the score, and cement his place in ICW?

ICW: Paperboy takes place this Saturday, April 18th, at the 02 Academy Birmingham. Tickets are available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk, www.triplegmusic.com and www.ticketweb.co.uk

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