Damo VS Drew Galloway
By Scott Reid
Posted On 15-06-2015 22:12 GMT
Tags: Damo , Drew Galloway

The ICW World Heavyweight Championship has, in the past few months, become one of the most highly covted titles in the world of professional wrestling, with the strap being defended all around the planet, against some of the top competitors in the industry. While many have tried to take the gold from current title-holder, Drew Galloway, none have been victorious in their attempts. At ICW: Shug's Hoose Party II on July 26th though, Drew will go head-to-head with man unlike any other he has ever faced. A man who has left everyone, including the champion, lying at his feet, battered and bruised. That man is Big Damo.

'The Beast of Belfast' Big Damo is no ordinary competitor. Standing at over 6ft tall, and weighing over 22 Stone, Damo is a one-man wrecking crew, able to decimate opponents with his bare hands, while also possessing the terrfiying speed and agility of a man half his size. After months of not getting where he felt he needed to be, Damo unleashed the full extent of his rage on Insane Championship Wrestling and, at Barramania, confronted Drew Galloway, proclaiming his intentions to become ICW World Heavyweight Champion. That night, Drew was left in a heap on the ring canvas, with a very clear message drilled into his mind; Big Damo was coming for his title. Since then, Damo has bulldozed his way through the competition in Insane Championship Wrestling and, despite the best efforts of ICW GM Red Lightning, he now heads into Shug's Hoose Party II for his shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Possessing almost superhuman strength, coupled with the ability to hold his own against almost any opponent put in front of him, it could be argued that no contender to Galloway's title has looked as dominant heading into their Championship opportunity. Will Shug's Hoose Party II see the crowning of a new ICW World Heavyweight Champion?

While he may be going up against a Beast determined to take his place however, Drew Galloway has shown time and again that he is one of the most versatile and adaptable wrestlers on earth. Having competed all around the globe, Drew is a fighting champion who has taken on competitors of all shapes and sizes. Damo may be one of the strongest wrestlers we have ever seen here in Insane Championship Wrestling, but Drew Galloway is the ICW World Heavyweight Champion for a reason. Smart, fast, and incredibly gifted between the ropes, Drew always has a game plan when taking on any opponent, and is able to capitalise on even the smallest weakness in an opponents armor. Fiercely proud of his position as ICW World Hevyweight Champion, Drew will fight to his last breath to defend his title, and it may be that drive to succeed that helps him overcome the Beast of Belfast.

Don't miss this epic collision, as two of the absolute best heavyweights in the world today clash at the biggest party of the summer, for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship!

ICW: Shug's Hoose Party II , part of the Waynestock weekender, takes place at the 02 ABC in Glasgow, on Sunday July 26th. Tickets for this event, and Waynestock weekender tickets, are available at www.ticketmaster.co.uk and www.triplegmusic.com

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