Damien O'Connor Debuts

As ICW once again stormed the captial city for its annual Fear and Lothain event, the crowd were giving an unexpected treat in the form of Irish grappling wrestler, Damien O'Connor. Standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 272 lbs, he gives the impression of an angry bear awoken from hibernation with the mindset to match. It was a trick or treat situation for Joe Hendry - who also made his ICW debut that night - when he swiped a microphone and gave anyone on the ICW roster the chance to take him on in the ring. His arrogant smirk effectively vanished as quick as his confidence when the barrel cheasted Irish man walked through the curtain. Needless to say, Hendry bit off more than he could possibly chew.

Silent and menacing, O'Connor lumbered to the ring with the intention to shut the big-mouthed rookie up. As expected of a man of his verocity and demeanour... violence ensued. If you were to simply blink in the time the two were together inside the ropes, you may have missed the huge bicycle kick Hendry recieved at the hands of - or, more appropriatly, the foot of - O'Connor, followed by a three-count fall, crowning O'Connor victorious. However, one possible concussion proved to be too litte for Joe Hendry and the crowd watched in awe as he stumbled dizzily to his feet and challenged O'Connor to an immedite rematch. O'Connor was all too happy to obliged and once again, Hendry hit the mat in seconds and recieved his second pin of the night. All in all, this encounter took meer minutes to the delight of the crowd, and O'Connor earned the respect he was looking for, with Hendry branded the laughing stock of the night. With a satisfied and cheering crowd, one dazed and defeated wrestler spread out on the mat and the other with his head held high in victory. Twice. It's palpable that this is a debut that was as unique and fast-paced as it was memorable. Damien O'Connor is certainly a name the ICW crowd, and most definetly the roster will not be forgetting anytime soon.