Big Damo vs. Tommy End
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 18-12-2015 20:57 GMT
Tags: Damo , Tommy End

Sometimes, a match just comes along which sends a chill up the spines of wrestling fans everywhere. Right before the festive period, Insane Championship Wrestling is giving everyone a Christmas treat by pitting the ever-ominous Tommy End against the monstrous Big Damo.

The sheer ferocity behind End's kicks and strikes matches up well against the brutish power of Damo. Indeed, this may be a case of the Legion member having to chop down the proverbial Redwood. The big question is, can the tree-trunk legs of Big Damo withstand the punishment they are surely in for? On the flip side of that argument, can End stop himself from falling into the clutches of the angry 'Beast Of Belfast'?

Damo must surely respect End for putting himself through sheer hell at Fear & Loathing VIII. At the SECC, End was one of 6 men locked inside a Steel Cage, fighting for his life alongside Legion brothers against The NAK. Similarly, End himself will have admiration for the way Damo stood up to Jack Jester and the might of The Black Label.

Respect is one thing, but ICW is a highly competitive environment. That mutual admiration society surely won't last once the bell starts ringing. On December 20th, ICW present another Friday Night Fight Club taping from The Garage. Tommy End vs. Big Damo is the kind of match which could headline anywhere in the world, but this is one Christmas present only ICW fans will be able to enjoy.

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