Mark Dallas Set To Evaluate ICW GM Red Lightning
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 08-09-2015 15:55 GMT
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Ask any number of ICW fans who they'd like to see as General Manager of the company, and it's unlikely they'll respond with the words, 'Red Lightning'. Since becoming GM last year, Red has abused his power and slated the fans, all the while claiming he knows exactly what the people want to see. It's been a whirlwind 12 months, but it could be about to come to an end. 

On Sunday night, September 20th, 2015, Red Lightning could be relieved of his duties as ICW GM. It's a possibility, because the man certainly hasn't endeared himself to company owner, Mark Dallas. The latest slap in the face and abuse of power came when Red aligned himself with both Drew Galloway and Jack Jester. Known as 'The Black Label, the group has an embarrassing wealth of riches. Not only do the unit have The 55 willing to do their bidding for money, they're strong in their own right.

All 3 are former champions, but Galloway stands tall as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion. At Fear & Loathing VIII, he's set to collide with Grado, and ICW fans are hoping the 'Stevenston Dream' can do the unthinkable, achieve his dream and bag the gold. Long before then, Galloway could be left frustrated, depending on the decision of Dallas at ICW Spacebaws: Episode III - Weekends At Bernie's 2.

On that night, Mark Dallas will go through Red Lightning's duties as GM with a fine tooth comb. Should he find that Red has indeed been abusing his power and not doing his job fairly, the loudmouth authority figure will be relieved of his post by Dallas. This is a crucial time in ICW's history. The biggest show in UK grappling folklore is imminent, Fear & Loathing VIII on November 15th at the SECC.

Therefore, Dallas has to ensure that his promotion is being run immaculately. Make no mistake about it, Red Lightning is sweating over September 20th, because he might not even make it to the SECC as ICW General Manager. What will the outcome of this 'Annual Evaluation' be? Further to that, just what will it involve? There's only one way to find out, and that's to be there live.

ICW Spacebaws: Episode III - Weekend At Bernies 2, takes place at The Garage in Glasgow on Sunday September 20th. Tickets are available now at and!

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