By Scott Reid

After the events of ICW: Flava In Yer Ear, the future of ICW is even more uncertain than ever before. Jackie Polo succeeded in defeating Johnny Moss, albeit due to a distraction from Sweeney, and now moves on to face ICW owner Mark Dallas one-on-one at ICW: Terminator 2 Judgement Day on July 14th and, should Polo pick up the victory, he will be awarded ownership of Insane Championship Wrestling.

Jackie Polo is undoubtedly one of the brightest young prospects in Scottish wrestling today, as smart as he is technically gifted. On paper, his credentials are more than a match for Dallas, who has never competed in a wrestling ring before. In reality however, Polo may well be stepping into a more difficult environment than he expects.

While not a wrestler by any standard, Mark Dallas is an unquestionably smart man. Building ICW up from the community halls of Maryhill, to become one of the biggest wrestling companies in Britain, Dallas has defied more than his fair share of naysayers, in and out of the company. Always ready with a plan, and a few tricks up his sleeve, Dallas has taken on, and defeated, the likes of The Gold Label and The Official Community without ever having stepped into the ring. Most recently though, he has been pushed to the limit by the New Age Kliq, and is becoming far more erratic and unpredictable by the day. This new side to Dallas may very well be the extra boost he needs to defeat Polo.

Leading into his match with Jackie Polo, Dallas will no doubt have a few contingency plans in place to make sure he remains ICW owner. So will Jackie Polo do what he has assured he would do, and defeat Mark Dallas to take over ICW? Or will Dallas defy the odds and vanquish Polo, to keep hold of his company? July 14th will certainly be an intense night, no matter what the outcome!