Joe Coffey VS Kid Fite
By Scott Reid
Posted On 23-07-2015 23:56 GMT
Tags: Joe Coffey , Kid Fite

Since their formation back at the Fourth Annual Square Go, The 55 have been a well-oiled machine of mass destruction, tearing apart almost anyone who has dared to oppose them. Through all their attacks and chaos however, a few competitors have taken a stand against the violent unit, and one of those men is ‘The Iron Man’ Joe Coffey. On August 2nd, on the first night of ICW’s Flying Circus run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Joe looks to take out down one of The 55’s key players, ‘The One Who Knocks’ Kid Fite!

While he has been a target for The 55 on a number of occasions now, Joe Coffey has refused to bow down for the savage firm, and will do everything in his power to gain some form of revenge for the months of torment. One of ICW’s most driven and intense competitors, ‘The Iron Man’ is the very definition of hard work and commitment, spending every waking minute developing his body and skills to become the best professional wrestler he can possibly be. While a respectful and honourable competitor though, Joe backs down from no man, and with The 55 gunning for him, ‘The Iron Man’ is now more determined than ever to prove that he is not only the best that ICW has to offer, but that he can overcome anything that The 55 throws his way.

If Kid Fite has his way, however, Joe may end up leaving City Nightclub on August 2nd, lying on a stretcher. While Joe Coffey is undoubtedly an extremely tough competitor, there as few men in ICW that possess a more ruthless attitude than Kid Fite. Brutal and merciless, Kid Fite is an extremely skilled grappler, but prefers to simply beat down his opponents in the most cruel ways possible. On August 2nd, he’ll look to finish what The 55 started, and with James R. Kennedy no doubt by his side, with an ace up his sleeve, ‘The One Who Knocks’ may just succeed in taking out ‘The Iron Man’ for good.

Don’t miss this extremely personal contest, which pit’s two of ICW’s best against each other in Scotland’s capital city!

ICW: I’m A Lumberjack Match (And I’m Okay), part of ICW’s Flying Circus Run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, takes place at City Nightclub on Sunday, August 2nd. Tickets for this event, and all other nights of ICW’s Flying Circus run, are available now at

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