By Adam Wilson

Mayhem ensued in Glasgow, as ICW owner Mark Dallas and fan favourites, Grado and The Wee Man were brutally assaulted whilst filming promotional content for the upcoming BBC documentary on Insane Championship Wrestling.

What started as a jovial day out with the cameras soon turned violent, as the New Age Kliq arrived on the scene, appearing to run over Grado before turning their feral wrath on Dallas and the Wee Man. In the footage salvaged from the scene, BT Gunn throws Wee Man into Grado's own car before punching and kicking at him on the floor. At the end of the attack, Chris Renfrew can be seen slamming the car door into the head of Mark Dallas.

The NAK can then be heard claiming this was part of their plan to make "the laughter die" in ICW, before leaving all three men laying, seemingly unconscious. Further information is not currently available as no one has been able to reach Mark Dallas, Graeme "Grado" Stevely, or Neil "Wee Man" Bratchpiece for further details on their injuries. Likewise, no one from the NAK has chosen to comment further on what is now being referred to as "The Clydeside Incident".

The BBC have also declined to comment on the incident. How the events depicted in the video will affect the documentary remains unclear.

Viewer discretion is advised.