BT Gunn vs. Wolfgang – Caged Violence
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 06-11-2014 21:07 GMT
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As ICW fans collect themselves, digesting all the incredible things which went down at Fear & Loathing VII, one topic has remained a constant – the prospect of a Steel Cage Match, the first in Insane Championship Wrestling history.

The story of BT Gunn and Wolfgang's relationship was told beautifully during a special video package before their Last Man Standing war this past Sunday. Cousins, both men have experienced remarkable ups and downs throughout their respective tenures in the world of pro wrestling, but neither could have foreseen things boiling to the point they certainly have.

Unable to settle their differences under Last Man Standing rules, the match at Fear & Loathing was ruled a draw, after neither man was able to answer the referee's ten count. A hard-hitting, emotional battle, the toll taken on both Gunn and Wolfgang left both physically and mentally exhausted, taking the sell out crowd right along with them, hanging on every nail-biting blow.

Taking the microphone afterwards, Wolfgang stated that it was time to finish what they'd started, unbelievably challenging BT Gunn to a Steel Cage Match at the Fourth Annual ICW Square Go event on January 25th, 2015 at the O2 ABC in Glasgow.

Even though the match is yet to be officially signed by ICW management, the fans erupted, and so did BT Gunn and his NAK cohorts, perhaps realising that in such a match, not only would Gunn have no escape from the clutches of Wolfgang, but his running buddies in the vicious Kliq would be unable to interfere and lend their man assistance. In fairness to BT Gunn, he's never been one to shy away from a fight – as a former ICW Heavyweight Champion, there isn't much that can phase the deranged Gunn.

This means ICW fans should hold onto their hats, because there's a battle brewing, and it's likely to be spectacular. The question remains, will ICW officially sanction what is historically the perfect setting for settling intense rivalries? Such is the barbaric nature of the bout, that it's realistic to say it could end the career of any man who steps into the confines of the ominous structure. When hot-blooded flesh meets cold, unrelenting steel, what pieces would there even be for either man to pick up afterwards?

Tickets for the Fourth Annual ICW Square Go, held at the O2 ABC in Glasgow on Sunday, January 25th, 2015, are now available and! Already announced, the always-chaotic, 30-man Square Go match itself will be intense enough, but will BT Gunn vs. Wolfgang inside a Steel Cage be joining that lineup? If so, Happy New Year indeed!

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