by Neil Murray

The Bucky Boys may have successfully defended their ICW Tag Team Titles against the Sumerian Death Squad at Reservoir Dogs in May, but they didn't leave with their belts.

Instead the S.D.S. took their aggressions from that defeat out on all of Team Bucky, including the Wee Man and Lambrini, and disappeared into the night with the Championships.

So much so, that even the ICW website has been manipulated to show both Tommy End and Michael Dante with the titles on the Roster page. However, next month at Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, Davey and Stevie will get their chance to snatch their titles back when they face the Dutch duo in a much-anticipated re-match!

The SDS have stated they are on a mission and have been sent by The Illuminati to destroy The Bucky Boys.

End reveals all in an exclusive interview in the upcoming Issue 7 of the ICW Fanzine 'Insane!', stating: "We are no fools and we are perfectly aware of what they [The Bucky Boys] are capable of doing… but they should stick to ripping the lids off beer cans as apposed to making childish unintelligent threats that expose their insecurities."

One thing's for sure - these two teams will put everything on the line at The Garage in a few short weeks to pull out the victory.

Davey and Stevie have been on an undefeated streak this year in the tag team division but there's no doubt the Sumerian Death Squad pose a massive threat to that successful run.

Be prepared for a battle of intensity as the ICW Tag Team Titles destiny is decided on July 14th.