Bucky Laced With Gold
By Scott Reid
Posted On 08-05-2014 15:15 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Stevie Boy

ICW: A Show In London was a monumental milestone in the history of Insane Championship Wrestling, with the first ever show outside the Scottish borders selling out in advance. Amongst the highlights of the night was the crowning of the now 2-time ICW Tag Team Champions, The Bucky Boys!

The Sumerian Death Squad made their way to the 02 Academy Islington to defend the ICW Tag Team Championships against the New Age Kliq, but before the action kicked off, The Bucky Boys appeared from through the curtain. Pulling their own ‘Card Subject To Change’ tactics, Stevie Boy and Davey Boy inserted themselves into the championship match, and with that, an all-out war broke out. All three teams threw caution to the wind in a match which left fans, old and new, speechless. In the closing moments, Tommy End and Michael Dante looked to have Dickie Divers scouted for defeat, obliterating him with every manoeuvre that their twisted minds could think up. Before they could pin Divers however, Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn attacked the Dutch destroyers and fought out of the ring, giving Davey and Stevie the opportunity to capitalise on the carnage, and cover Divers themselves.

It has been a long road since ICW: Dave’s Not Here Man for The Bucky Boys to reclaim the coveted gold, but now, Davey Boy and Stevie Boy are once again call themselves the top team in one of the most competitive tag team divisions in all of professional wrestling! Once again, the bullseye is on the Bucky Boys backs, with every team in the ICW tag division now gunning for them, but for now, Davey and Stevie can celebrate as we raise our glasses (and bottles) to the new ICW Tag Team Champions!

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