Brush Your Goose - 4-Way Fatality Over ICW Zero-G Gold
Posted On 02-12-2014 19:14 GMT
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It's no secret why Kenny Williams is as popular as he is. Endearing himself to the ICW faithful immediately, 'The Bollocks' has proved to be exactly that since capturing the ICW Zero-G Title from Mark Coffey at Spacebaws: Episode IV – A New Hope on September 21st earlier this year.

Upon defeating Coffey, Williams validated what every ICW fan had said about him from the beginning, that he was an incredible athlete having his wings clipped by James R. Kennedy and The Kennedy Administration. With that period of his life now behind him, Kenny has embraced being a full-time member of the ICW roster, defending his hard-won title against all who are placed before him.

It's unfathomable to imagine, but in just over two months, Kenny Williams has defended the ICW Zero-G Title on six different occasions, against some of the very best talents the company has to offer. When you can look back on just over a two month span, and say you've defeated names such as the aforementioned-Coffey, Big Damo, Joe Hendry, Kid Fite, Marty Scurll, Danny Hope and Stevie Boy, you know you're a supreme champion, something Williams can surely claim to be.

Nonetheless, confidence is one thing, complacency is another. This Sunday, December 7th at The Garage, ICW presents ICW: Brush Your Goose, and Williams will once again be thrust into the spotlight, vying to defend his title against Stevie Boy, Davey Boy and Paul London, one of the most critically-acclaimed high-flyers worldwide. Indeed, a one-on-one encounter against London would be tricky enough, without throwing both of The Bucky Boys into the equation.

This 4-way has all the makings of being one of the most intriguing matches of the year, and certainly one of the most high-octane at 'Brush Your Goose'. Many have an inkling at exactly what that phrase means, but after Sunday, it may take on an altogether different context. After Sunday, fans may be looking at December 7th, 2014 as the night that Kenny Williams finally met his match – the young star definitely is no goose, but will he eventually be 'brushed' aside by the competition here?

Limited tickets for ICW: Brush Your Goose are still available! Witness ICW's return to The Garage, and buy tickets – starting at only £15 – and! Don't miss out on all the festive fun, and see matches such as this epic 4-way for the ICW Zero-G Title, and a blockbuster showdown between ICW Heavyweight Champ, Drew Galloway and a refocused Kid Fite.

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