Brush Your Goose - Stopping Stone and Sha
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 05-12-2014 13:39 GMT
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Running roughshod over Insane Championship Wrestling, Martin Stone and Sha Samuels have formed quite the fearsome duo over the past couple of months. When looking at both Englishmen individually, you could realistically point to two men who could feasibly be ICW Heavyweight Champion, but together, the pair look like two men quite capable of taking over the company full-stop.

Grado has been the focal point of Stone & Sha's aggressions. The 'East End Butcher', Sha Samuels, already had issues with ICW's resident funny man prior to the arrival of Stone, but now this twin attack has left the man 'fae the tap end of Stevenston' fearing for his safety every time he shows up for work.

ICW management have decided that it's only fair Grado gets some backup to fend off such attention, and this Sunday at ICW: Brush Your Goose, the master of the Wee Boot will have the pick of the ICW roster at his disposal, able to choose an eligible partner to team up with against Stone & Sha.

Last month at ICW: Fear & Lothian II, Martin Stone & Sha Samuels left dominant, first defeating Grado & Stevie Boy in a tag-team main event, before ambushing The Bucky Boys and Grado backstage, encouraging everyone in the ICW locker room to take notice, as they'd be next.

Many teams and groups have tried to single-handedly take on the entire ICW organisation, claiming they want to run things, and could do so with better results, but Stone & Sha's unique approach – targeting one of the promotion's poster boys – shows a cerebral side previously lacking from other outlaws.

With such a vindictive, clever side to their game, questions must be asked whether or not Martin Stone and Sha Samuels are the only ones involved, or is somebody helping pull strings from afar? The questions are many, but all that's on Grado's mind is picking a partner capable of helping him vanquish the powerful team that stands before him.

Overcoming adversity has been key to Grado's success in ICW, but has he ever felt threatened like he is by Stone & Sha? This Sunday, December 7th at The Garage will hold all the answers, as the next chapter in this intriguing rivalry takes centre stage.

Limited tickets are still available for ICW: Brush Your Goose at The Garage in Glasgow's city centre. Visit to buy, and take your place in the venue for this incredible tag-team match, as Grado and a mystery partner battle Martin Stone & Sha Samuels.

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