Brush Your Goose - Mikey Whiplash vs. Noam Dar
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 04-12-2014 21:36 GMT
Tags: Mikey Whiplash , Noam Dar

Upon making his shocking return at Fear & Loathing VII, Mikey Whiplash was revealed as the latest to fall under the spell of the Sumerian Death Squad, the Illuminati-inspired cult which has swept through Insane Championship Wrestling with great fanfare, success and fear.

Being carried by Dante to the ring in a bodybag, and accompanied by somber singing from a face-painted female, the moment felt like a rebirth for the former ICW Heavyweight Champion, who commands respect no matter where he appears.

For Noam Dar, Fear & Loathing VII proved to be a less-satisfying experience. Losing out to Joe Coffey in the critically-acclaimed 'Best Of 5' Series by 3-2 is nothing to be ashamed of, but the cocksure mentality of Dar would have certainly envisioned himself coming out on top. The fact he didn't will hurt his ego, but the insanely-talented 21-year old will not sit and ponder for too long, a case being made that he simply can't afford to, going up against Whiplash this Sunday at ICW: Brush Your Goose.

Much has been spoken about the ICW Heavyweight Title match between Drew Galloway and Kid Fite, or the contract signing between BT Gunn and Wolgang, set to collide inside the confines of a Steel Cage at the 4th Annual Square Go in January, but when it comes down to it, purists may point to this as the definite highlight of the show, in advance.

Noam Dar has something to prove, but similarly, Mikey Whiplash wants to show that whilst he may technically fall under the banner of the Death Squad, he can get things done on his own. Indeed, upon defeating Darkside at ICW: Fear & Lothian II in Edinburgh last month, Whiplash proved himself to be perhaps the most superior technical wrestler in ICW. Combine that adeptness at grappling with a renewed vigour, and you have one very powerful opponent on your hands.

Dar is no slouch, and his eagerness to get back amongst the victories will ensure this confrontation is a cracker. There are no titles at stake, or even title shots, but what we have is the clashing of personalities, the coming together of two men who desperately want to be the man. Whiplash has already been at the top of the mountain, whilst Dar wants to get there, but just who will leave with their hand raised?

Find out who will prosper when Mikey Whiplash meets Noam Dar at ICW: Brush Your Goose, this Sunday, December 7th at The Garage in Glasgow's city centre. Limited tickets are still available and! Don't miss your chance to be a part of one of the best ICW atmospheres around at The Garage, and see in the festive season with a bang!

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