Mark Coffey vs. Stevie Boy
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 16-03-2015 17:00 GMT
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Tag-team wrestling is a truly unique beast, an art form that both Mark Coffey and Stevie Boy have excelled at over the years in ICW. Both men have held the ICW Tag-Team Titles during their respective tenures on the active roster, whilst Coffey also experienced a lengthy reign as ICW Zero-G titleholder into the bargain.

Now associated with Jackie Polo, Coach Trip and DCT in the Polo Promotions faction, Mark Coffey is eager to prove that he still has what it takes to get the job done when not relying on a partner. On the other side of the coin, Stevie Boy had to kick, bite and scratch for respect during the lengthy sabbatical - brought on by injury - of his cousin, Davey Boy throughout 2014.

At Barramania, the pair will collide, and this one is about way more than just Polo Promotions vs. The Bucky Boys. In essence, both Coffey and Stevie have more in common than many may think at first glance. Sure, Mark favours a more technical style of wrestling, contrasting heavily with Stevie's aerial antics, but each man has often been overlooked in favour of their partner, something many opponents have suffered as a result of.

Make no mistake about it, Mark Coffey and Stevie Boy are truly dangerous regardless of match type or whether they have backup, which only makes this bout all the more intriguing. For Coffey, tag-team success won't satisfy his primal need to match what his blood brother, Joe is achieving in ICW, becoming the #1 Contender for the ICW World Heavyweight Title.

For Stevie, it's all about proving that what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in talent, skill and heart. Many fans already believe both men have what it takes to be at the top in ICW, and that's what gives this match meaning. There are no throwaway encounters in Insane Championship Wrestling - company management keep their eye on every match, and wins count for something.

Who will come out on top during this tasty encounter? ICW Barramania is sold out, but fans not lucky enough to get a ticket can see the entire event in full from 9pm on Monday, March 30th, 2015, only on ICW On Demand. The Bucky Boys and Polo Promotions have had their differences in tag-team situations, but this is one-on-one, and neither Mark Coffey nor Stevie Boy will want to come up short! for more information on how you can watch ICW Barramania, just 24 hours after the event!

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