Barramania - Lionheart vs Jackie Polo
By Scott Reid
Posted On 06-11-2014 22:13 GMT
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In ICW, and Professional Wrestling as a whole, there are rivalries that transcend the square circle. Feuds that becomes so personal that no-one, outwith the people involved, can hope to control them.

The rivalry between Jackie Polo and Lionheart is a prime example of what happens when business becomes personal, and transforms into something completely different. It is a feud that has been building for years, and now, at ICW: Barramania, we will finally see Lionheart and Jackie Polo go head-to-head in a match that many thought we would never see!

Lionheart has seen more than his share of ups and downs in ye last few years. Announcing his retirement from Professional Wrestling in late 2012, before returning less than a year later, Lionheart returned looking better than ever, and was all set to remove a long-standing thorn from his side. That thorns name was Jackie Polo.

The 'King of Chat' has long been Lionheart's biggest critic, calling out the former Zero-G Champion at every given opportunity, but he had never been able to coax Lionheart into a one-on-one match. However, back in March at ICW: Still Smokin', it was all finally set to happen. Lionheart vs Polo was signed and sanctioned, but unfortunately, disaster struck.

Competing down south prior to his showdown with Jackie, Lionheart would suffer a broken neck in a match against AJ Styles. Unsure of whether he would ever walk again, let alone wrestle, Lionheart was left to rehabilitate his injuries, but the mocking from Jackie Polo only intensified.

Coming to the ring in a neck brace, and making light of Lionhearts injury, Jackie continued to bad-mouth his nemesis at every given opportunity. This may have been his undoing however as, at Fear & Loathing VII, Lionheart returned to ICW to confront Polo.

Initially claiming he was in no fit state to get physical, Lionheart soon turned the tables on his brash opponent when he shockingly attacked Jackie, levelling him with the 'Final Moment'. It was in that moment that Lionheart would announce the match that ICW has been foaming at the mouth to see: at ICW: Barramania, Lionheart and Jackie Polo will finally go one-on-one!

Can Lionheart finally silence the most outspoken man in Scottish Wrestling, or will the King of Chat succeed in proving that he is, indeed, Scotland's best wrestler?

ICW: Barramania takes place on Sunday, March 29th at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Tickets on sale now at or

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