Barramania - Mikey Whiplash vs Lewis Girvan
By Scott Reid
Posted On 09-03-2015 21:23 GMT
Tags: Lewis Girvan , Mikey Whiplash

ICW: Barramania, taking place on Sunday March 29th from the sold out Barrowlands in Glasgow, is already one of the most hotly-anticipated ICW events in history, and now, as per the orders of ICW GM Red Lightning, one more match has been added to this massive event. In the legendary ballroom, a student will face a teacher, and only one will walk out with the hand raised.

Mikey Whiplash has been on somewhat of a rocky path in the last few months. While it appeared that Mikey had regained some control over his damaged psyche, since aligning with the Sumerian Death Squad, an unknown assailant has made it their mission to tip the painted enigma over the edge, taunting Whiplash for months with cryptic video messages, costing him match after match. With the pressure of being in someones cross-hairs getting all but too much to bare for Mikey, he appears dangerously close to snapping once again, which spells trouble for anyone he faces. At ICW: Barramania, Mikey will no doubt still be looking over his shoulder, waiting for yet another message from his tormenter, but he will have to try and focus on the task at hand, as he is now scheduled to go one-on-one with one of his very own students, Lewis Girvan.

Lewis Girvan has long been touted as one of the most talented young stars in Scotland today, however, he had never quite made the impact in ICW that he had hoped for. In recent months though, Lewis has been fired up like never before, determined to finally take his place in the main event picture in Insane Championship Wrestling. Whether it be attacking Kenny Williams, or calling out and facing ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, everything Lewis has done in the last few months has been the purpose of making a statement. A statement that he more than capable of taking on the very best in ICW. At the Fourth Annual Square Go, Lewis made yet another huge impression when he took advantage of his teacher, Mikey Whiplash's, distraction, eliminating him from the match, and costing the former Heavyweight Champion a shot at redemption. At ICW: Barramania, Lewis now has the opportunity to prove that eliminating Mikey was not simply a fluke. He has the chance to show that he can hold his own on one of ICW's biggest stages, against one of the most dangerous men on the roster.

Can Mikey Whiplash keep his composure, and get himself back on the road to victory, by taking out one of his most accomplished students? Or will Lewis Girvan pick up one of the biggest wins of his career, and defeat his tortured mentor in the legendary Barrowlands ballroom? And,of course, will Mikey Whiplash's mysterious antagoniser make his or her presence felt during this match once again?

ICW: Barramania takes place at the sold out Barrowlands in Glasgow,on Sunday March 29th. This event is completely sold out, however you can watch this show less than 24 hours later on ICW On Demand. To subscribe to ICW On Demand for $5.99 (around £3.75) a month, head over to

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