Joe Coffey To Challenge For The ICW Heavyweight Championship at Barramania!
By Scott Reid
Posted On 02-01-2015 22:06 GMT
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One fact that no-one can argue about in ICW, is that owner Mark Dallas listens to the fans. Passionate, vocal and ever-supporting the hottest wrestling promotion is Europe today, the ICW crowd make their voices heard at every event held under the Insane Championship Wrestling banner, making sure that ICW management knows who is grabbing their attention and reaching for the coveted 'Brass Ring' that is so often talked about in Professional Wrestling.

At the end of each year, the annual ICW Awards gives fans the chance to vote for the wrestlers who have impressed them the most throughout the calendar year, with each award being unveiled at a ceremony in December. The 2014 ICW Awards (which can be viewed now, in it's entirety on ICW On Demand) attracted more votes than any other year, with one award in particular being more intensely fought for than ever; the Wrestler of the Year award. The ICW fans voted in droves, with a number of ICW stars being touted to win the big one this year, and it was that attention that caused Mark Dallas to make a very important decision. As he announced at the Awards ceremony, the winner of the Wrestler of the Year award would earn themselves an ICW Heavyweight Championship match at ICW: Barramania on Sunday March 29th, and have the opportunity to headline an ICW event at the prestigious Barrowlands ballroom.

While a number of competitors earned a ton of votes, the ICW fans spoke, and the winner of the award was none other than Joe Coffey. Speaking passionately about his love for Professional Wrestling, and what it means for him to succeed in ICW, the Iron Man swore that he would be coming to ICW: Barramania determined to leave as the ICW Heavyweight Champion.

the question now is; who will Joe face at Barramania? While Drew Galloway has successfully defended his ICW Heavyweight Championship twice already, he is heading into, arguably, his most dangerous match yet as he takes on the #1 Contender, Chris Renfrew at the Fourth Annual Square Go on January 25th. With the mind games between Galloway and Renfrew causing a serious amount of bad blood between the two men, no-one can truly be prepared for what the Heavyweight Champion and NAK leader will do to each other at the 02 ABC. One man will walk out of the Fourth Annual Square Go as the champion, but he will instantly have to set his sights ahead to Barramania, in preparation for Joe Coffey.

Whether it's Chris Renfrew or Drew Galloway, the Iron Man is ready for any challenge, and will not let this opportunity pass him by. No matter who Joe faces at ICW: Barramania, this will be a main event more than worthy of the legendary Barrowlands ballroom!

ICW: Barramania takes place on Sunday, March 29th at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Tickets on sale now at

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