Barramania - Bloodbath at the Barrowlands
By Scott Reid
Posted On 27-03-2015 14:10 GMT
Tags: Chris Renfrew , Dickie Divers

Chris Renfrew has never been a man that people would describe as completely stable. Forever pushing the boundaries of what people often expect to see in the professional wrestling ring, Renfrew has made a career on violence and suffering. As of late though, Chris has been unhinged like never before, and seems intent on destroying the career of one man; his former friend, Dickie Divers.

Once brothers-in-arms as part of the New Age Kliq, Renfrew and Divers were somewhat of an odd couple, with Chris, along with BT Gunn and Darkside, singling out Divers as the punch-line of their jokes, but when it came to getting business done in the ring, the NAK could always rely on Divers to be a prominent difference maker, and often lead them to victory.

At the Fourth Annual Square Go, Renfrew was unsuccessful in his attempts to take the ICW World Heavyweight Championship from Drew Galloway, but shockingly inserted himself into the Square Go match later in the evening, in an attempt to earn a second shot at the gold. When only two men remained in the ring, it was Renfrew and Divers who stood tall, with Chris looking to exploit his friendship once again by making Divers eliminate himself from the match.

Sick of sitting on the side-lines however, Divers took his shot at glory, and eliminated Renfrew instead, earning himself a guaranteed shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing. While the ICW fans may have been in shock at this victory, no-one was more surprised than Chris Renfrew, who remained silent for over a month, cutting off all ties with his supposed friend.

At ICW: International Superstar Wrestling Deluxe, Divers called Renfrew to the ring, looking to make amends with his friend. Renfrew would have other ideas though, opting to stab Divers in the head with scissors, before beating him senseless with a steel chair, and dropping him onto the weapon with a skull-crushing T-Virus, resulting in Divers receiving medical attention.

Less than a month later, as seen on the latest episode of ICW: Friday Night Fight Club, Renfrew would strike yet again, invading a match between Lou King Sharp and Saqib Ali, and attacking the two young stars, before goading Divers out with a message etched on his own body; “I’m Right Here. Kill Me If You Can!”. Divers would answer the call, coming to the ring, and challenging Renfrew to a match at ICW: Barramania, but he would not receive an answer right away.

Remaining uncharacteristically silent, Chris would take one of ICW’s security hostage, before re-appearing with him later in the evening. Beaten and bloodied, Renfrew’s hostage would deliver Chris’s answer for him, again, with a message scrawled on his torso; “At Barramania, Divers Dies”.

With the match set, and Renfrew taking things to a whole new extreme, one can only assume that Chris’s imagination will be running wild with horrific ways to hurt his former friend. Divers, however, has shown a mean streak of his own, and won’t be coming to the Barrowlands to simply roll over and die for his opponent. After almost two years of being the whipping boy for the New Age Kliq, it’s time for Divers to get his over-due revenge. No matter what happens, it could be safe to assume that both men will put each other through hell, in the legendary halls of the Barrowlands. Buckle in, ICW fans. This one will surely be a bumpy ride!

ICW: Barramania is officially sold out, however you can watch the full event less than 24 hours after the final bell rings, on Monday March 30th. From 9pm, ICW: Barramania be available to watch, exclusively on ICW On Demand. To watch this event, plus so much more ICW content, simply subscribe to ICW On Demand for $5.99 (about £3.75) a month by heading over to

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