Barramania - Layla Rose And Carmel Battle To Stay In ICW!
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 16-03-2015 16:44 GMT
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Carmel Jacob has long been one of the most outspoken members of the ICW roster - never afraid to say exactly what's on her mind, the vicious vixen is at home when she's causing trouble, never missing an opportunity to get in the face of whomever stands in her path. Standing tall beside her man, Liam Thomson, the pair are the very definition of a power couple, and show unwavering support for one another.

On the flipside, Layla Rose most definitely stands alone. After all, why would the pride of Europe rely on a partner, when she can take care of business all by herself? That's not to say that Carmel needs anyone to watch her back, which is just as well, given that she will meet Layla Rose in a 'Loser Leaves ICW' match at Barramania on Sunday, March 29th, 2015.

This past Sunday at ICW Spacebaws: Episode VI - Return Of The Jewdi, the soon-to-be-rivals were in the same corner, teaming against The Owens Twins. As it would transpire, Carmel and Layla couldn't even get through one match together, coming up short against their Northern Irish opponents after simply being unable to co-exist.

Anyone watching could see that things were boiling between the two women, and it'll all come to a head in the infamous Barrowlands Ballroom. Carmel snapped when approached for comments on the upcoming bout, warning that she would "do her talking inside the ring, instead of talking to stupid journalists", whereas Layla Rose surprisingly offered a few words

"Carmel likes to think she's the best in ICW, but Layla will prove her wrong. She will not only break this Barbie, but Layla will replace her completely in ICW. I'll show everyone what it means to fear me, because there is no escape. Pain is coming, but if Carmel is lucky, I'll make it quick".

Chilling words from Rose, who must surely see this as an opportunity to establish herself as one of the top females in ICW. For Carmel, it's unthinkable that her long, arduous journey to prove herself in the promotion could be about to end, but the match stipulation dictates that one of these women will be leaving ICW afterwards.

ICW Barramania is officially sold out! The full event will be available on ICW On Demand just 24 hours after the show finishes at the Barrowlands. Tune in on Monday, March 30th at 9pm to see all the action, and find out which of these intense women will be gone from ICW. for more information on how you can sign up to the best value pro wrestling subscription service today!

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