The Ballad of The Bucky Boys
By Scott Reid
Posted On 05-08-2014 20:24 GMT
Tags: Davey Blaze , Stevie Boy , The Wee Man

Davey Boy & Stevie Boy. The franchise tag team of ICW. Arguably, the most popular tandem to ever step into the ICW. The former 2-time ICW Tag Team Champions.

Davey and Stevie have done it all in the ICW Tag-Team division, and at one point, were on top of the world within the company. Over the last few months however, luck has not been on their side like it once was, and The Buckys have dealt with about as much bad luck as any team in ICW ever has, begging the question: Can the Bucky Boys weather the storm of misfortune, and get back on top?

Looking back, The Bucky's bad luck stared with the arrival of the Sumerian Death Squad. Tommy End and Michael Dante were a team unlike any the Bucky's had faced, and made it their personal mission to torment Davey and Stevie, while seeking out their Tag Team Championships. While the Buckys were able to defeat the SDS in their first two encounters, The SDS stole the ICW Tag Team Championship belts and, at one point, even kidnapped The Wee Man, all to get inside the heads of the Bucky Boys. Tommy and Dante would not let up, and have still, to this day, never managed to defeat The Bucky Boys in a two-on-two contest, a fact which remains a sore point with the Sumerian Death Squad. While we may not have seen them for some time now, the Sumerian Death Squad are always watching, stalking the Bucky Boys from afar, keeping Stevie and Davey on edge at all times

The second factor in their bad luck is the New Age Kliq. With the NAK targetting everything that ICW loves, it seemed only fitting that they would go after the Bucky Boys. In August 2013, at ICW: Dave's Not Here Man, The NAK inserted themselves into a four-way elimination match for the ICW Tag Team Championship, and succeeded in capturing the belts, striking their first major blow to the foundations of ICW. Shortly after this, Stevie Boy was forced to take a short hiatus from the ring due to an unfortunate back Injury, meaning the Bucky Boys were not given their rematch to reclaim the belts. In fact, that rematch never took place until January 2014, after The Bucky Boys attacked the NAK, forcing them to defend the belts. However, a double pinfall meant that Dallas was forced to vacate the championships, keeping them just out of the Buckys hands once again.

By the time May rolled around, it looked like The Bucky Boys luck may have been changing, after Davey and Stevie travelled to London and inserted themselves into the ICW Tag Team Championship match between the SDS and the NAK. On that night, The Buckys were able to pick up the win and steal the gold, but disaster was soon to strike.

Just less than a month later, at ICW: Up and Atom, Chris Renfrew gained his own sick revenge but stabbing Davey Boy in the eye with scissors, forcing him to sit out ICW's first trip to Newcastle. While he recovered, hoping to return to London in June for ICW: What's Your Boggle, Davey found himself on the receiving end of another attack, which saw his knee left seriously injured, further keeping him out of the ring, and unable to defend the Tag Team Championships.

Stevie Boy managed to call in his cousin, Greg Burridge to step in for Davey in London, in a title defense against the London Riots, but at ICW: Shug's House Party last month, the NAK struck one more time. With Davey still unable to compete, Kay Lee Ray stepped in for him, alongside Stevie, but the make-shift team was not enough to battle the numbers of the NAK, and Chris Renfrew & BT Gunn succeeded in ripping the ICW Tag Team Championships from The Buckys yet again.

Davey Boy has sworn that he will be back to fighting shape during the Everything's Coming Up Milhouse tour, but the question remains as to whether the Bucky Boys can pull themselves back from disappointment after disappointment, and finally reclaim their throne as the top team in ICW. Stevie and Davey have faced many challenges before, but this may be their biggest yet.

Here we, Here we, Here we fucking go!

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