The History of BT Gunn And Wolfgang
By Jeffery Berry
Posted On 05-08-2014 21:00 GMT
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July 13th 2014 was a very dark day for Insane Championship Wrestling. It was the day the party stopped, at least for a little while, as Wolfgang was left with a serious concussion that left questions on whether his career will continue in ICW. Yet again, the NAK fooled everyone with under-handed tactics when Rob Cage posed as BT Gunn, tricking everyone in attendance, Wolfgang included. Rob Cage provided the distraction, allowing BT Gunn to deliver a skull crushing chair shot, knocking Wolfgang out cold. This was not enough though, as they delivered the most vile looking 'Killer Boots Man' we have ever witnessed, with Wolfgangs head planted firmly on a steel chair as BT Gunn came from the top rope feet first onto Wolfgangs skull. They continued with more vile chair shots and several punches and kicks to the head. BT Gunn and the NAK set out to finish Wolfgang for good, and they may have. All of this because BT Gunn cut Wolfgangs hair? Most definitely not. This runs way deeper. This is a feud that has been running on and off in ICW for over four years now starting way back in February 2010.

BT Gunn and Wolfgang are cousins.They grew up together. Their first wrestling matches were with each other as children in their back gardens or parents living rooms.They even had a hand in naming each other, coming up with their names long before they entered a wrestling ring. They always vowed they would be tag team champions together, they always vowed they would main event a show for a big title. But things don't always go to plan, and dreams don't always come true. In fact, sometimes they turn into a nightmare.

Back at the start of 2010, BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew and Wolfgang faced Red Lightning, Lionheart and Mike Musso, with Renfrew and Gunn looking for revenge for a beating delivered by Red and Lionheart at the previous ICW show. Wolfgang seemed to hurt his knee early on in the match and was taken the back, making the match 3-on-2. This was all a ruse though, as Wolfgang returned to assist Lionheart and company to defeat Gunn and Renfrew, Wolfgang had faked the injury and, on that evening, the Gold Label was formed. Wolfgang had turned his back on his cousin, but why? This goes back to when they started to seriously train to be wrestlers. Wolfgang started training in early 2002, and plied his trade at the BCW school. It was there that he met Red Lightning, Lionheart and Darkside and formed strong friendships. BT Gunn would enter the Scottish scene a bit later in 2006, but opted to go to the other school, the SWA training school. His reasoning was he wanted to wrestle on his own merits, not to be just seen as Wolfgang's friend and get over on that respect. At this point, Wolfgang was already well established on the UK wrestling scene as a top competitor, BT Gunn did not want to take the easy route, he wanted to become his own man, and he succeeded in doing so, making his way to the top of the Scottish wrestling ladder and on the same level as his friend. This is perhaps what made Wolfgang form his alliance elsewhere, the age old rivalry between the schools instilled into them by the previous generations, a territorial rivalry that had spilled over into ICW. In ICW, there was no training school, this was a fresh new area and it seemed both sides wanted to be in control. BT Gunn met Chris Renfrew in the same school and it was there the NAK first formed.

For the next two years, the NAK and others waged war with Wolfgang and the Gold Label. BT Gunn and Wolfgang would face each other in several matches over that time-frame, whether it was tag team competition or one of the many infamous Glasgow Street Fights. This was the most heated feud in UK wrestling and a feud many still consider to the best feud in ICW history. Team ICW (NAK, Jack Jester and Kid Fite) Vs The Gold Label. On one fateful evening in 2011, the Gold Label took the violence to another level, with Wolfgang injuring BT Gunn to the point he was stretchered out of the venue, suffering a bad stinger and concussion due to a vicious Wolfgang piledriver. The battles raged on back and forth for 2 years, but we never saw a one on one contest between Wolfgang and BT Gunn, with BT Gunn more focused on then-ICW Champion James Scott and regaining his title.
Eventually at the start of 2012, the ICW and Gold Label feud came to a close as the Gold Label fell apart, with all of them going their separate ways. The one on one match for a big title between BT Gunn and Wolfgang finally happened as BT Gunn defended the ICW Title against Wolfgang at So's Yer Maw April 2012. This was one of the best ICW title matches in history, a match that changed peoples views on Wolfgang. On that evening, it was BT Gunn who would walk away victorious and at the end both men embraced each other, the memories of growing up and promising this moment would happen coming back to them. They had wrestled for the most important title in Scottish Wrestling in front of a sold out Glasgow crowd; they had achieved the goals they had set as starry eyed children. They had seemingly put their differences behind them and the issues between BT Gunn and Wolfgang had came to a conclusion, for now...

Both men went on different paths in ICW and would not cross each others paths again until October 2013 when, for one night only, the Gold Label reformed to take on the NAK as a favor to Mark Dallas, who was trying to stop the momentum the NAK were building. On that night, the NAK proved they were the new faction to fear as the Gold Label could not get on the same page. Next month at Fear and Lothian, BT Gunn and Wolfgang would meet again. On that evening the now deranged oddity BT Gunn would reignite that feud with a very personal act. After a tag team contest, BT took his now trademark scissors to the long golden locks of Wolfgang. An act that is insulting enough, but this had deeper meaning to Wolfgang. Wolfgang had last had his haircut by his grandmother who had passed away. Wolfgang had vowed to grow his hair for her memory, a personal gesture of love, and BT Gunn, knew this. Afterwards, Wolfgang addressed BT Gunn not as Wolfy to BT, but as Barry Young to Thomas McGowan, in a very heart-felt, personal video; he had crossed a line and Barry wanted to know why.

BT Gunn remained an enigma, never giving Wolfgang a clear answer. He simply kept stating that Wolfgang should open his eyes and join him in the New Age Kliq, a tactic that BT had used successfully on Chris Renfrew in the past to reform the NAK. The twisted Gunn had his mind set on recruiting Wolfgang into the fold as one of the NAK, but Wolfgang had no interest in resorting to the tactics of the NAK and vowed to stay loyal to ICW. This only escalated the intensity of the feud.

In December 2013 at 100% Shenanigans, Wolfgang teamed with the Bucky Boys and Sebastian Radclaw to take on the NAK. It was clear both men had their sights set on each other as they continued where they had left off the previous month. They would fight all the way to the back, with the fighting continuing throughout the entire evening. ICW management had no choice but to set up a one on one match between the two at the Third Annual Square Go in the Garage Glasgow. This match never happened though, as the NAK pounced like a pack of dogs, attacking Wolfgang and not allowing the match to take place. Wolfgang would get another chance to get his hands on BT Gunn and the NAK in the Square Go match. Wolfgang was able to get some revenge on Gunn, but both were eliminated and almost seriously injured as the tumbled over the top rope in unison as Wolfgang attempted a vertical suplex. The NAK had succeeded on that evening and the following month it descended into gang warfare similiar to the Gold Label/NAK feud of the past.

At the Goggles They do Nothing, the team of Wolfgang and The Bucky Boys took on the NAK team of Divers, Renfrew and Gunn in the first ever Edinburgh Street Fight, a match that literally took the fight to the streets of Edinburgh. The match turned nasty quickly with both teams hitting each other with anything that wasn't nailed down, fighting over the bar, into the streets, even using a skateboarding half pipe as a weapon as both teams suplexed and slammed each other onto it. Even the dreaded Thumbtack Chair was brought into play, with all three NAK members falling victim to its brutality once Wolfgang was able to get his hands on it. This, though, was not enough to stop the NAK, as their momentum continued when all three pinned Wolfgang. The destruction did not stop there as they proceeded to attack Wolfgang and the Bucky Boys post-match, leaving Wolfgang out cold. Yet again BT Gunn had sent the message, join us or pay the price. Would Wolfgang listen? Not a chance...
At ICW's huge Still Smokin' event in March 2013, Wolfgang turned up the heat. BT Gunn and Wolfgang were not officially placed in the same matches that evening, with BT Gunn being a part of the three team ladder match for the ICW Tag Titles, and Wolfgang getting a shot at the ICW title later on against Chris Renfrew, Sabu and defending champion Jack Jester. During the tag title match, Wolfgang made his biggest statement yet. As BT Gunn stood 25 feet above the ground on a stage above the venue, staring down at his opponents, Wolfgang appeared from behind. After a short back and forth, Wolfgang pressed BT Gunn above his head, elevating him to 30 feet, before throwing him to the ground below. Luckily for Gunn, he landed on his opponents, who somewhat broke some of the fall. if he had hit the ground, he would have been killed! Wolfgang was sick and tired of being attacked by the NAK and was willing to take it to new levels. Later that evening, as Wolfgang was battling for the ICW title, BT Gunn was able to get some revenge, getting involved in the match, ensuring Wolfgang did not become champion. Renfrew wasn't able to bring the title into the NAK camp, but they ensured Wolfgang hadn't either. This had no sign of letting up soon.

More gang warfare continued as again Wolfgang and The Bucky Boys faced the NAK, this time with Jimmy Havoc as a partner. This was not only an evening that almost ended the career of Wolfgang, but evening that an old friend, and old enemy interjected himself into the fold as James Scott revealed himself as the fourth member of the NAK and reverted back to Darkside. BT Gunn, not quick to forget Wolfgang had thrown him 30 feet, produced a rope, with which the NAK then hung Wolfgang over the tope rope, as The Bucky Boys were forced to look on, tied up in the ropes. The violence level was escalating every time ICW was in town, something had to give.

ICW management decided to try and settle this before someone got seriously hurt, with a one on one match set for ICW's debut in Newcastle, at Jimmy Nail's Revenge. This time it seemed we would get the match we had all been waiting for, as the NAK were absent from ringside and the match went ahead as planned. As expected, this was a brutal match from the get-go, with both men delivering blows with full intensity and ferocity. BT Gunn using his well educated feet and the nastiest chops in pro wrestling to beat down the larger Wolfgang, Wolfgang used his size and power to throw BT Gunn around the building, at one point giving him an overhead belly to belly suplex over the guard rail to the hard wooden floor below. It seemed that finally, we were going to have a conclusive winner between BT Gunn and Wolfgang, but that was not to be. First Darkside snuck to ringside, distracting Wolfgang as he prepared to finish BT Gunn off. This allowed Chris Renfrew to hand BT Gunn the briefcase containing his title shot unnoticed. This would be the deciding factor as BT Gunn knocked Wolfgang out with the briefcase, leaving a huge dent in the briefcase in the process. Yet again, BT Gunn and the NAK had layed out Wolfgang, trying to seriously hurt him, but that wasn't enough to keep Wolfgang down as the rematch was quickly set for What's Your Boggle? in London.

Yet again, the match never happened. The NAK are always proclaiming that "Every Card is Subject to Change", and that is exactly what happened. The NAK came out in full numbers in support of BT Gunn against his bitter enemy. Wolfgang was quick off the mark with a spear and swanton and, within less than a minute, had defeated BT Gunn, but something wasn't right. The other NAK members started to clap for Wolfgangs victory over BT Gunn, and that's when Wolfgang knew he had been set up. He lifted the hood from BT Gunn's head to reveal not BT, but Rob Cage, who had been cleverly disguised as BT Gunn to trick Wolfgang. Wolfgang demanded to know where the real BT Gunn was, but when he found out, it was too late, as BT Gunn delivered a brain rattling shot with a steel chair right to the skull of Wolfgang. It was then the NAK and BT Gunn decided to publicly execute Wolfgang. They placed Wolfgang's head on a steel chair, as BT Gunn climbed to the top rope. BT then came down with all his force onto the head of Wolfgang, knocking him out cold. This should have been enough, but they wanted to make sure this was the final evening Wolfgang would ever compete in an ICW ring. BT continued to kick and punch the already unconscious Wolfgang in the head, before delivering another brutal chair shot. After a few more punches to the head, the NAK had accomplished their goals. Wolfgang was seriously hurt, having been severely concussed by the attack. Head injuries are nothing to be taken lightly, as they have resulted in many athletes across several sports having their promising careers prematurely ended. The NAK had broken the code of wrestling and went out of their way to hurt another human being, not only affecting his career in wrestling, but his every day life. Wolfgang has loved ones and family who will be worried sick about his health, and BT Gunn used to be a part of that family.

Most recently, CCTV footage from the La Cala Bar, owned by Wolfgang, showed BT Gunn taking this feud beyond the confines of ICW. Still heavily concussed, Wolfgang was shown clearing up the bar at the end of the night, when BT ran in and attacked his cousin, brawling with him to the outside, where he stomped mercilessly on Wolfgang's skull once again, leaving him unconscious on the streets of Glasgow. Where once this rivalry simply took place inside a wrestling ring, it now knows no bounds, with BT using every opportunity to put Wolfgang out of action for good.

It would seem that the plan of recruiting Wolfgang into the NAK fold is a thing of the past, as they have taken it to a new level of violence, and perhaps ended the career of one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot into an ICW ring. An ICW original who had been a huge part of ICW's history, a big match player who the fans adored. All taken away by the sheer hatred and contempt BT Gunn holds for him. This act has taken this feud to new levels, but their is a chance is was the final act. There are doubts Wolfgang will be able to return and compete at the same level in ICW, as it has indeed been confirmed he has suffered a severe concussion and doctors are refusing to clear him to wrestle. At this moment in time, BT Gunn has ended the ICW career of Wolfgang. How did it get to this point? Why has BT Gunn become so evil that he has tried to end his friend, Wolfgang? Though they had problems at the start of their ICW runs, it seemed they had resolved those issues, but even as heated as that feud was, it was nothing compared to the level of violence and disdain for another humans well-being since this feud reignited in late 2013. Whatever happens next, we here at Insane Championship Wrestling are extremely concerned. First of all for the well being of Wolfgang and his health, second for where this will go from here. How can this get much worse? Throwing someone 30 feet to the cold hard floor below, hangings, attempted brain damage on several occasions and every other act of brutality in between. This has really gone way too far. If this continues on the same path, with the same momentum it has, this feud can only end in one outcome, and we shudder to think what that outcome what would be...

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