BT Gunn VS Grado
By Scott Reid
Posted On 28-04-2015 23:52 GMT
Tags: BT Gunn , Grado

What happens when the ultimate entertainer crosses paths with a psychopath? When a man beloved by the entire ICW audience is forced to lock horns with a man who turned his back on the world a long time ago, and has never looked back? Well, truthfully, no-one really knows as of yet, but this Sunday at ICW: Flawless Victory we will find out, as Grado takes on BT Gunn for the first time ever!

Grado has had more than his fair share of issues as of late, being the main target of The 55 and battling them up and down the country on the Insane Entertainment System tour, but at ICW: Flawless Victory, he faces a whole new problem in the form of the demented BT Gunn. Grado's history with the New Age Kliq is well-documented, but having crossed them on more than one occasion, is Grado well-equipped to deal with 'The Oddity' this Sunday? In the last few months, Grado has been on top form, competing in some truly epic matches, such as a London Street Fight in which he defeated Sha Samuels. No matter what the odd's, Grado has the uncanny ability to overcome them and rise to the occasion when he needs to. While his opponent may be a former ICW Heavyweight Champion, will Grado be able to keep his momentum going, and pick up the victory?

One thing Grado may not be prepared for however, is the new, even more demented BT Gunn that he faces at Flawless Victory. While BT Gunn and Grado have briefly crossed paths before, they have not yet done so, since BT returned to ICW, darker and more deadly than ever. Sporting his unsettling mask, and spewing blood to blind his opponents, BT has become a very different monster than what he once was, and seems to be taking great joy in making those around him suffer. With a known hatred for Grado, will BT Gunn go out of his way to ensure that Grado does not leave the Garage under his own power?

The ultimate underdog squares off against the Poison Prince of the NAK for the first time ever, and no-one truly knows what to expect. Can Grado out-perform the former ICW Heavyweight Champion? Or will BT Gunn destroy Grado, as he has so many others?

ICW: Flawless Victory takes place this Sunday, May 3rd, at the Garage in Glasgow, and is completely SOLD OUT! However, you will be able to watch this event a short time after on ICW On Demand! To subscribe to ICW On Demand for $5.99/£3.75 a month, head over to

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