5 Hidden Gems of ICW On Demand
By Scott Reid
Posted On 17-01-2015 00:01 GMT

The ICW On Demand service, which launched in late 2014, has been a tremendous success so far. For the bargain price of $5.99 (£3.75) a month, over 1000 fans have subscribed to watch Classic ICW events in their entirety, and re-live some of the biggest moments in ICW history.

Some of these huge moments are engrained in the minds of both old and new ICW fans alike. The return of Drew Galloway. Chris Renfrew's victory at the 3rd Annual Square. Fergal Devitt's bloody farewell to the fans in a match against Jack Jester. All moments that are remembered instantly when talking about classic Insane Championship Wrestling moments.

But what of the hidden gems that lie in the record books of ICW? World class matches that have gotten somewhat lost in the shuffle of Insane Championship Wrestling's frenzied schedule, just waiting to be re-discovered by fans subscribed to ICW On Demand.

Insanewrestling.co.uk takes a look at some of the best hidden gems ready for you to view, exclusively on ICW On Demand!

Kay Lee Ray vs Carmel ; Last Woman Standing (Dave's Not Here Man - Edinburgh Picture House)

In that feud that put Women's Wrestling on the map in Scotland, Kay Lee Ray and Carmel competed against each other in some of the most barbaric matches imaginable. Tearing each other apart in the ultimate game of one-upsmanship, Carmel and Kay Lee were never truly able to settle the score, and declare a clear victor in their seemingly eternal rivalry.

At ICW: Dave's Not Here, Man at the Edinburgh Picture House however, both competitors looked to finally put an end to their war by proving who the toughest woman in ICW truly was, in a breathtaking Last Woman Standing match. With the only rule being that a winner would be declared when their opponent could not answer the referee's 10 count, all caution was thrown to the wind, and anarchy ensued. At an which included a Title vs Title match, as well as the ICW debuts of Colt Cabana and Sabu, it was no easy feat to rise above all of that and steal the show, but Kay Lee and Carmel don’t give any less than 100% in the ring and, on this night, they more than set the bar for the rest of the ICW roster in a match that many fans called ‘Match of the Night’.

It was a match that left fans speechless, and proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Carmel and Kay Lee Ray are the standard bearers for Women’s wrestling in this country, and it may be a long time before anyone knocks them off that pedestal.

The Coffeys vs The London Riots (A Show In London)

Tag Team wrestling has long been a staple of Insane Championship Wrestling, with some of the company’s top stars residing within the tag team division. Teams like The Bucky Boys, Fight Club and the Sumerian Death Squad helped set the ICW tag team division ablaze, and make it the most competitive tag division in the whole of the UK.

When ICW made it’s first trip to London in early 2014, everyone was looking to make an impact on the new crowd that resided south of the border. Everyone performed at the peak of their powers but, arguably, the match which gripped the fans the most was a tag team encounter. Strangely though, it was not a battle of two franchise ICW teams. Instead, Mark & Joe Coffey, the heavy-hitting brothers who had not teamed together for over a year, would go head-to-head with the debuting team of Rob Lynch & James Davis, collectively known as The London Riots.

While it was never officially billed as a ‘Scotland vs England’ encounter, this match split the entire audience in two, with the hometown fans firmly behind the London Riots, while the many fans who’d made their way from Glasgow stood proudly in the corner of the Coffeys. The atmosphere was electric in the sold-out 02 Academy Islington, and the 4 men in the ring fed off that electricity like their lives depended on it, delivering a match that blew away everyone in attendance.

Simply put, this match embodies all that is great about Tag Team Wrestling in the UK. Check it out!

BT Gunn vs Red Lightning (Suspect Is Hatless (Repeat, Hatless))

Take two of the best absolute best that have ever graced the ICW ring. One, the high-flying daredevil. The other, the deadliest mind in the game. Let them loose on each other, and just watch the magic happen.

That was almost everyone’s thoughts when this match was first announced as part of the ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse’ run of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. BT Gunn and Red Lightning have more than carved out their respective legacies thus far in ICW, battling each other time and time again during the Gold Label/ICW war that put Insane Championship Wrestling on the map.

In August 2014, the stakes were very different from their previous encounters, as Red Lightning was to face the demented Gunn for the chance to earn a new ICW contract. Both former ICW Heavyweight Champions, BT and Red know what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with the best of them in the ring, and that night at Studio 24, they showed why they are still two of the best talents on the Scottish wrestling scene today, bombarding each other with vicious chops at every opportunity.

While many new talents may be making their way to ICW as of late, sometimes it takes two of the men who built the house to show everyone what it takes to survive in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Kid Fite vs Jack Gallagher (I Am the Walrus)

ICW: I Am The Walrus was Insane Championship Wrestling’s first event held in Liverpool, and no-one could have expected the atmosphere that would exist in the 02 Academy that night. With an extremely rowdy crowd, and a fired-up roster of talent who were thick in the excitement of the Magical Mystery Tour, I am the Walrus proved to be one of the most explosive shows of 2014, and few matches were as explosive as that between Jack Gallagher and Kid Fite.

Two of the most-experienced and well-traveled competitors in the entire UK Scene, Fite and Gallagher have competed against, and beaten, some of the absolute best in the world, earning themselves reputations as two of the hardest-hitting grapplers around.

Facing off for the first time in Liverpool, both men were obviously feeding off the wild crowd that night, as the intensity in this contest was turned up to 11. It wasn't fancy, it wasn't flashy, and it certainly wasn't pretty. This was simply a fight. Absolutely obliterating one and other with devastating offense, Gallagher and Fite put Liverpool, and the rest of ICW on notice, and proved that they are two of the toughest men in ICW.

With displays of wrestling like this, it may only be a matter of time before one, or both, of these men finds ICW championship gold around their waist.

The Sumerian Death Squad vs Kenny Williams & Joe Hendry (Show Me Your Lizard)

Selling out months in advance, with not a single match announced, ICW: Show Me Your Lizard had a unique feel to it going in. While a handful of matches were eventually announced prior to the event, there was still the feeling amongst fans that anything could happen.

No-one, however, expected to see an unannounced, show-stealing ICW Tag Team Title match kick off the night. The Kennedy Administration, looking to get their shot at some ICW gold, made their way to the ring, calling out any champion in ICW. They may have got more than they bargained for however, when the then-ICW Tag Team Champions, The Sumerian Death Squad, appeared and answered the challenge, giving the mismatched team of Joe Hendry and Kenny Williams a shot at their titles.

Many in attendance may have initially thought that the young and reluctant duo would be out-matched by the might of Tommy End & Michael Dante, but what ensued was a showcase of, not only the Tag Team division in ICW, but also of the young talent that was making its way through the ranks of the insane asylum. Fast-paced, exciting, and a testament to the talent of all 4 men in the ring, this contest set the bar for the rest of Show Me Your Lizard, with many claiming that it stole the show right off the bat.

To check out all of these amazing matches, plus so much more, head over and subscribe to ICW On Demand for £5.99 (£3.75) a month atwww.insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand

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