By Scott Reid
Posted On 08-09-2014 22:18 GMT
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The New Age Kliq may have managed to regain the ICW Tag Team Championships from Irn Jew a few weeks ago, but already, BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew have a massive challenge placed in front of them as, at the O2 Academy Newcastle, on the first night of the 'Magical Mystery Tour', the NAK will defend the ICW Tag Team Championships against none other than Paul London and Brian Kendrick!

London & Kendrick, former WWE and World Tag Team Champions together, have both competed in ICW once before, back at ICW: Still Smokin' in March. On that night though, both men competed in singles action, wowing the fans over in their contest against Kid Fite and Joe Coffey. With their return imminent at ICW: Helter Skelter, London & Kendrick are now determined to show why they are widely regarded as one of the wrestling's most exciting tag teams, and to do that, they have requested the opportunity to go after the hottest prize in tag team wrestling today, the ICW Tag Team Championships. London and Kendrick are no strangers to tag team gold, and have battled some truly tough teams in their time, but have they ever faced a team as unpredictable and dangerous as BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew?

Renfrew and Gunn do not fit the typical tag team 'mold' by any stretch of the imagination. While both erratic, violent, and merciless, Renfrew and Gunn stray as far from flashy tag team maneuvers as possible, preferring simply to unleash their uncontrollable rage on however steps in front of them. That being said, while they may not be the typical tag team, their is no denying the success they have had in ICW's tag division, laying waste to just about every team they have faced and, in the process, capturing the ICW Tag Team Championships a record 3 times. London & Kendrick have battled some of the best in the world, but they will be facing a completely different beast in the form of the New Age Kliq.

This battle of high-flyers vs sadistic brawlers is a dream match for many, and will surely set the bar for what is to come on the rest of the 'Magical Mystery Tour'. Will the New Age Kliq add some more victims to their list? Or will Paul London & Brian Kendrick swoop in from out of nowhere to take the ICW Tag Team Championships for themselves?

ICW: Helter Skelter takes place at the O2 Academy Newcastle on Sunday October 5th. Tickets are available now at

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