The 55 VS Polo Promotions - I Quit Towel Match
By Scott Reid
Posted On 16-03-2016 23:58 GMT
Tags: Coach Trip , Jackie Polo , James R. Kennedy , Kid Fite , Mark Coffey , Sha Samuels

Two extremely different tag teams, The 55 and Polo Promotions have been battling over the ICW Tag Team Championships since last October, and on Sunday April 3rd at Barramania 2, these two units will write the final chapter in their rivalry, as Kid Fite & Sha Samuels put the gold on the line against Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey. This time however, the titles will be up for grabs in an extremely rare type of match, which holds huge ramifications for the losing side.

After winning the ICW Tag Team Championships from Polo Promotions in controversial fashion, back in December 2015, The 55 have done everything in their power to hold onto the gold, and will go to any lengths to beat down any opponents who get in their way. At the Fifth Annual Square Go, Jackie & Mark received their rematch for the titles, but after Polo's injured knee was heavily targeted in the match by Fite & Sha, Polo Promotions manager, Coach Trip, made the executive decision to throw in the towel on Jackie's behalf, ending the match before The King of Chat was unable to walk completely. Not content with ending things that way however, Polo Promotions took matters into the their own hands a few weeks ago, forcing Red Lightning to grant them one more shot at the titles, by scoop-slamming The 55's manager, James R. Kennedy, over and over again in the centre of the ring. Blaming the situation on Kennedy, Red Lightning offered Polo Promotions a shot at the ICW Tag Team Championships, under two conditions; the match can only end when one manager throws in the towel on behalf on his team, but it will be the end of that manager's ICW career. Accepting the match, Polo Promotions will now face The 55 in an 'I Quit' Towel Match, but when all is said and done, who will walk out as the ICW Tag Team Champions, and will it be Coach Trip or James R. Kennedy who is forced to leave Insane Championship Wrestling?

Having set the record for the longest ICW Tag Team Championship reign in history, Polo Promotions have proven themselves to be, arguably, the greatest tandem that ICW has ever produced. Comprised of 'Nature's Gift To Wrestling' Jackie Polo, and 'The Real Deal' Mark Coffey, Polo Promotions are a team who possess a chemistry in the ring that few others can match. Two powerful competitors who hit hard, and dish out more Scoop Slams than most teams could ever dream of, Polo Promotions are talented beyond their years, and want nothing more than to become ICW Tag Team Champions once again. With one final shot, and Coach Trip's job hanging in the balance, can Mark & Jackie become 2-time ICW Tag Team Champions are Barramania 2?

Violent, cruel and merciless, The 55 are an extremely dangerous tandem, and they won't back down from anyone, no matter what the costs. Impressive since the first time they ever teamed together, Sha Samuels and Kid Fite accentuate each other perfectly in the ring, dismissing any flashy antics for sheer blunt force trauma, ripping through opponents with absolutely ferocity. Determined to put a stop to Polo Promotions once and for all, and continue their reign as ICW Tag Team Champions, Sha and Kid will no doubt be already thinking of the most malicious ways to inflict punishment on Mark & Jackie, and hopefully force Coach Trip to throw in the towel once again. Will The 55's ferocity be enough to protect their ICW Tag Team Championship reign, and keep James R. Kennedy employed?

Barramania 2 takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, on Sunday April 3rd. Tickets are available now at, and! 

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