The 55 VS Grado & Spud
By Scott Reid
Posted On 30-09-2015 17:41 GMT
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The 55 vs Grado & Spud

On the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour 2015, Grado will be looking to gain some momentum, as he heads towards the biggest match of his career, when he takes on Drew Galloway for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship at Fear & Loathing VIII. Before he gets there however, he will have to contend with ICW GM Red Lightning, and his schemes to halt Grado even reaching the SECC on November 15th.

At ICW: Where The Buffalo Roam, at the 02 Academy Liverpool on October 16th, Red Lightning has announced that Grado will take on two of the most dangerous men in ICW, The 55’s Kid Fite and Sha Samuels, but to combat these two bruisers, the People’s Champion has called in a favour from a very well-known friend.

For the first time ever, Spud will make his way to Insane Championship Wrestling, to team with Grado at the 02 Academy Liverpool. Both Grado and Spud have been viewed as two of the biggest underdogs in all of modern-day professional wrestling, and at ICW: Where The Buffalo Roam, they will look to show that it isn’t always the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the heart in the dog. They may be teaming up to face to of most vicious competitors that this company has ever seen, but Grado and Spud are two men who never back down from a fight, no matter what the odds.

However, their opponents may just prove to be too much to deal with at the 02 Academy Liverpool on October 16th. Part of the violent firm known as The 55, ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels and ‘The One Who Knocks’ Kid Fite are two violent thugs who enjoy nothing more than inflicting as much damage as possible on their opponents. Backed by the rest of The 55, and The Black Label, Kid and Sha have an army behind them, and they won’t hesitate all the muscle at their disposal to take down Grado and Spud.

Don’t miss Spud’s debut in ICW, as he comes to the aid of Grado against The 55. Will the two ultimate underdogs overcome this huge challenge, or will The 55 reign supreme once again, and halt Grado on his road to Fear & Loathing VIII?

ICW: Where The Buffalo Roam comes to the 02 Academy Liverpool, on Friday October 16th, as part of the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour. Tickets for this show, and all other tour shows, are available now at,,

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