The 55 vs. Global Bollocks
By Jamie Kennedy
Posted On 15-04-2015 22:46 GMT
Tags: Joe Hendry , Kenny Williams , Kid Fite , Sha Samuels

How fitting is it that The 55, the new group fronted by money man James R. Kennedy, will meet Global Bollocks at ICW: Paperboy in Birmingham. After all, both Kenny Williams and Joe Hendry were part of the now-defunct Kennedy Administration, something the maniacal manager once described as his 'ultimate vision for the future'.

That future lay broken once both Williams and Hendry started to see through Kennedy's words, quickly realising that he wasn't quite the leader he claimed to be, and was actually stopping them from fulfilling their potential, rather than aiding them. Since the implosion of that group, both Hendry and Williams have seen their respective careers thrive, even forming an unlikely friendship out of the ashes of a broken one.

On the other side of the coin, both Sha Samuels and Kid Fite represent a new direction for Kennedy, one formed out of violence and blood money. The 55 are brutal, there's no doubting that, and will stop at nothing to get what they really want, money. 'If there's one thing we love just as much as violence, it's money', Kennedy recently uttered, proving that the two commodities go hand in hand for this vicious street gang.

Stripping all the context away, Sha Samuels & Kid Fite vs. Kenny Williams & Joe Hendry would still be a superlative match, and it's likely to tear the house down in Birmingham. The fact there's so much story behind it only thickens the plot however, ensuring that this is one no fan will want to miss.

Williams will be looking to bounce back after losing his coveted ICW Zero-G Title, something which could actually work in his favour. The colourful star had always been looking over his shoulder when teaming with Hendry, fully aware that his partner would love the gold around his own waist.

The 55 have the chance to take another step towards domination by beating Global Bollocks, and there's still that old chestnut of Kennedy revealing recently that he was entrusted by ICW GM Red Lightning to make decisions on the Insane Entertainment Tour. This one is dripping with plot, making it a must-see tag-team encounter.

Tickets for ICW: Paperboy, taking place on Saturday, April 18th from the O2 Academy in Birmingham are still available. Visit or for more information!

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