ICW: There's Something About Mary(Hill) - AFTERMATH!
By Scott Reid

ICW: Theres Something about Mary(hill) was supposed to be a warm return to the place where Insane Championship Wrestling began. With the memories that fans and wrestlers alike have from the early days of the company, many thought that the show would be filled with nostalgia and good times. It is very different days in ICW now though, and what transpired was a wild show where titles changed hands, former stars returned, and personal grudges where taken to violent new levels.

The opening contest of the night saw Mikey Whiplash defend his Zero-G Championship against Save Pro-Wrestlings Mark Coffey. Two of the finest talents in all of ICW squaring off had the fans in a buzz even before the opening bell, and the match was a truly explosive start to the night. Despite the match beginning with a display of technical skill, a broken middle ring rope caused the contest to spill to the outside, and a full-on brawl ensued. Both men pummelled the other, and even brought a steel guard-rail into the equation for good measure, but once the fight was taken back to the ring it was a missed Crossbody from the top rope by Whiplash which allowed Coffey to capitalise, and score the pinfall to become the new Zero-G Champion.

Team Tommy vs Team Smiddy was up next, with MC Tommy coming out to introduce his team amongst a less-than-welcome reaction from the crowd. Team Smiddy, however, was met with a rousing reception from the fans with Grado, DCT and Solar working the crowd into excited frenzy. Team Tommy's Mike Musso was in no mood for fun however, and attacked his opponents hard at every opportunity. Lewis Girvan was all business as well as he faced off against Solar, but as the shenanigans of the match increased, so did Girvans frustrations. Eventually it all became too much, and Lewis walked out on his team, followed soon after by Euan G Mackie who claimed he had better things to do than be embarrassed. With Musso left all alone, MC Tommy pleaded with the crowd for replacement members and came across Adam Shame, who was watching the show from the audience. While he seemed willing to help the grovelling 'Announcing God', it was not to be as Rob McKai appeared from the crowd and attacked Shame. With the supposed replacement brawling to the back, Musso was left with no choice but to go it alone. He managed to eliminate DCT, but a valiant team effort saw the sole member of Team Tommy being dropped with an F5 by Grado, allowing Team Smiddy to pick up the victory. MC Tommy, outraged with the result, jumped into the ring to confront Grado, but found himself laid out by MC Simon Cassidy as the fans and Team Smiddy celebrated.

After their shocking attack on The Bucky Boys last month, Fight Club had not been seen or heard from, despite ICW inviting them to compete at Maryhill in a tag match against the team of Saqib Ali and Tommy Marx, two trainees looking to make an impact in Insane Championship Wrestling. Both young men arrived at the event expecting to face two tag veterans, but were instead put into a singles match against each other when Fight Club no-showed. The match showcased what these two talented young men could do, but it was cut short by Kid Fite and Liam Thomson who ran through the audience and assaulted both Marx and Ali. Not willing to stand by and watch this, The Bucky Boys made the save and announced that, despite most of their ranks being injured, Davey Boy was willing to take on Fight Club in a handicap match, to gain some retribution for the attack in Edinburgh. Davey fought with the heart of ten men, but the numbers game soon became too much and the match was thrown out completely as Fight Club attacked every single member of The Bucky Boys, only stopping after Mark Dallas personally talked them down from stomping The Wee Mans face into a glass bottle. The competitive rivalry between The Bucky Boys and Fight Club has always been based on respect, but now things appear to be turning truly ugly.

The New Age Kliq shocked all of ICW last month when they made good on their promise, and captured the ICW Tag Team Championships. They did this however, by attacking Team CK and robbing them of their title opportunity. The team of "The Teen Sensation" Christopher and "The Prince of Perfect" Kenneth could easily have taken this attack quietly, but at Maryhill, they stepped up to face The NAK in a contest that saw them outnumbered by Chris Renfrew, Dickie Divers and BT Gunn. The action was fast and furious, with Team CK pulling out every trick in their arsenal to try and defeat the men behind 'Project Mayhem'. Bodies were flying everywhere, and caution was thrown to the wind in a match that left fans speechless. In the end however, The NAK managed to defeat the young pairing of Christopher and Kenneth and hold onto their titles, but for the first time ever, Team CK managed to win the respect of the ICW fans, who applauded their efforts in this intense contest. Never one to leave quietly though, Chris Renfrew took to the mic post-match, and delivered a scathing verbal attack on the fans, calling them sheep, and re-enforcing the words that The New Age Kliq has been saying for months now: If you're not NAK, You're part of the problem.

James Scott has been on a tremendous run since returning from injury a few months ago. He has competed in fantastic matches with Mark Andrews and Jimmy Havoc, and has even found himself slotted into a Three-Way Dance match with Rhyno and Havoc at Fear & Loathing. At Maryhill however, Scott was put into a match against a mystery former ICW wrestler. With all the names who have walked through the doors of ICW in the past, there was no way for Scott, or the fans, to predict who he would be facing. As he stood in the ring waiting, he was met by one of the most charismatic men in ICW history, Rob Cage. Making his way to the ring as only he can, Cage was loudly welcomed by the ICW crowd before competing in a highly physical match that saw both he and James Scott taken to the limit. Each man pushed the other to the limit, but a rib-shattering spear from Scott was enough to seal the victory, and keep his momentum going into Fear & Loathing VI.

Carmel is not known for airing her grievances in ICW too often, usually opting to let actions speak louder than words. On this night though, Carmel had a lot on her mind and let it all out for the ICW fans to hear. Delivering a truly venomous speech, Carmel called out almost the entire Fierce Females roster, before asking her arch-nemesis, Kay Lee Ray, to enter the ring to see her face-to-face. Kay Lee stood quietly as Carmel told her that the she would never stop trying to the end the Fierce Females Champions career for the simple reason that it was fun. While it looked like Kay Lee was taking these words with good grace, the years of tension between the two eventually proved to be too much, as she snapped and levelled Carmel with a thunderous Powerbomb through a table before declaring that she had enough, and that she was putting an end to their feud once and for all. Is this now infamous rivalry now over? Only time will tell.

Wolfgang was out next for the second open challenge of the night, with the Zero-G Champion only being told that he would face a former ICW Wrestler. No-on, however, expected that wrestler to be the former ICW Heavyweight Champion, Red Lightning. Controversial though he may be, Red was met with a thunderous welcome back to ICW, which prompted him to ask Mark Dallas for the opportunity to win back his ICW contract, should he defeat Wolfgang. While they may not always see eye-to-eye, Dallas accepted, sighting that Red Lightning has obviously been missed by at least some of the ICW fans. With the fans out of their seats, Red and Wolfgang squared off, re-igniting the first ever feud in ICW history, and delivering a show-stealing match in the process. Beating each other in every way they knew how, the action could soon no longer be contained to the halls of Maryhill, and both men were quickly out on the streets of Glasgow brawling, much to the shock of locals. As the fight made its way back to the ring, Wolfgang eventually picked up the victory over the former Heavyweight Champion, much to Reds disappointment. Wolfgang, in a show of good sportsmanship, attempted to shook the hand of his opponent but Red Lightning was in no mood, and made his way to the back. A surprise attack on Wolfgang by the New Age Kliq though may have triggered something in Red, as he ran back to the ring to help his former friend. Both Red and Wolfgang were still physically drained from their match however, and continued to be beaten down by Renfrew and Gunn, but they were not without help. Lionheart, who shockingly returned a few months ago, made his way from the crowd and laid out The NAK, sending them running to the back. As Lionheart, Red Lightning and Wolfgang stood in the ring together; fans were worked into a frenzy at the sight of the original Gold Label members standing together once again. The reunion was only to be brief though, as Red Lightning once again refused a handshake from Wolfgang, and left the arena. Lionheart and Wolfgang, who have no shortage of history with each other either, showed their appreciation for one and other before leaving the ring.

The main event of the evening saw Jack Jester take on the leader of Save Pro-Wrestling, Joe Coffey. Both extremely intense and proud men, Jester and Joe hit each other with everything they had from the early goings of the match, before Joe took a horrifying fall to the outside which many believed would take him out of the match completely. Defying the odds however, Joe picked himself up and began a relentless assault on Jester which saw the 'Hardcore Icon' being launched through a steel barrier on the outside. Hitting each other with every ounce of strength they had, both Joe and Jester were beaten and bruised, but in the end, a roll up from Jester saw the number 1 contender score the win. His victory though was short-lived, as Mark and Joe Coffey proceeded to viciously beat down Jester in the middle of the ring. It was then that the ICW fans saw an all-too familiar and terrifying sight: Mikey Whiplash, in his recently discarded make up and stockings, slowly walking to the ring.

Wanting no part of the ICW Heavyweight Champion, The Coffeys fled the arena, leaving Jester lying at the feet of his bitter enemy. What transpired was a truly sickening and upsetting assault by Whiplash, who delivered a vicious Piledriver onto the steel barrier before attempting to dangerously wound Jester on his own corkscrew. Despite owning a company where violence is the norm, the brutality became too much for even Mark Dallas, who jumped into the ring to save Jester. The ICW roster were soon called out to keep the ICW Heavyweight Champion off of his soon-to-be opponent, who had lost feeling in his hands and legs due to the attack, while fans were asked to leave the arena to avoid seeing anymore of the grisly sight. After such a violent attack, the question remains as to whether Jack Jester will be in any condition to compete next month at Fear & Loathing VI, but regardless of what happens, no-one will soon forget the deeply unsettling secen that ended ICW: There's Something About Mary(hill).