By Neil Murray

So ICW: Reservoir Dogs has come and gone and what a night it was. A new ICW Champion was crowned, #SaveProWrestling imploded, Red Lightning got fired, the New Age Kliq introduced a new member and Jack Jester threw Crazy Mary Dobson off the balcony at The Garage!

Those were the highlights of an incident-packed night in Insane Championship Wrestling, but there is a lot, lot more to discuss.

In the Main Event, Mikey Whiplash faced Red Lightning for the ICW Heavyweight Title after the champion accepted the Square Go winner's challenge. Red blind-sided Mikey during a promo earlier in the night leaving him bloodied from a vicious belt shot to the face and the match was on! The two battled like warriors for the championship and, after Red attempted to smash Whiplash again with the title, the Englishman ducked underneath and ferociously DDT'd Lightning to seal his title win.

The Garage erupted with elation but, before Whiplash had time to enjoy his triumph, Joe Coffey stormed the ring. Everyone anticipated #SaveProWrestling teaming up to set upon Whiplash but instead Joe attacked Red leaving him lying in a heap. Joe signified that this was Sin #2 in his Seven Deadly Sins crusade - Greed - citing Red's constant rumblings about money.

Red's night was compounded when Dallas unceremoniously fired him on the spot!

Meanwhile, Irish star 'Prince' Fergal Devitt made his return to ICW to face the New Age Kliq's B.T. Gunn and they tore the house down with some incredible action. Apart from nearly chopping the chest skin off each other, the two were non-stop in their bid for victory but, in the end, Devitt pinned Gunn before Chris Renfrew jumped in the ring. A beat down ensued on Devitt, beefed up by the arrival of a new masked member of the N.A.K. Who could possibly have joined forces with Renfrew and Gunn as Project Mayhem erupts?

The N.A.K. had earlier set their sights on Mark Dallas, who came out in a wheelchair, MC Liane Vandermotten then Scott Maverick who came to his fiancee's rescue only to be put in a crossface by Gunn. It's safe to say the N.A.K. are intent on causing chaos in ICW.

In an incredible match which featured amongst other things, chairs, staplers, graters and a corkscrew, deathmatch specialists Jack Jester, Jimmy Havoc and American Crazy Mary Dobson ripped each other apart in a Falls Count Anywhere encounter. Jester threw Dobson from the balcony in this one whilst she had time to staple Havoc in the nether regions. Jester reciprocated by doing likewise to Mary! It was Jester who took the victory on his return from surgery by pinning Havoc, following a tombstone piledriver onto a steel chair with thumbtacks on it!

In a fierce battle for the ICW Tag Team Titles, The Bucky Boys faced Dutch team The Sumerian Death Squad and both duos annihilated each other. The mood was set when The Wee Man was booted in the face by the challengers before he could utter a word in the intros and a brutal clash ensued. The Bucky's retained their titles in the end, but The Death Squad disappeared with the belts after beating down everyone including Lambrini!

In another title match, Wolfgang retained his Zero-G Championship after pinning Andy Wild. Joe Coffey was also involved in the match but, after leaving Wolfgang and Wild lying on their faces in the ring, he spat on Wolfgang's title belt and walked out. Wild attempted to regain the belt he lost in February but Wolfgang just proved too much for him on the night.

The three had all interfered in the Grado-Lewis Girvan match earlier in the night. Girvan had replaced the ill William Grange, who remains the target of former S.T.I. tag team partner Dickie Divers. Grado entertained the fans with some comedic genius in the ring, leaving Girvan frustrated at times. New Fierce Females champion Kay Lee Ray, who was special guest referee, tried to stop Girvan's valet Sara interfering in the match and the two went at it. Cue Carmel who came to help Sara, only for The Owens Twins to jump in for Kay Lee. Joe Coffey then came to the ring to confront Grado and he ended up cleaning house before Wild and Wolfgang got involved. The chaos cleared and Grado hit The Wee Boot on Girvan to claim the win.

Two of the top youngsters on the scene at the moment – Noam Dar and Solar – had an exceptional match as well and both showed their full array of technical, high-flying and risk-taking abilities. This was Solar's singles debut in ICW and he showed his huge potential despite Dar sealing a fine win. Noam will surely be in line for another Zero-G title shot soon enough.

Jackie Polo was still licking his wounds from the Johnny Moss assault last month at Get Your Rat Oot, and he brought a dilapidated Polo Lounge set with him to Reservoir Dogs. Jackie had promised never to wrestle in ICW previously but he called Mark Dallas out and said he would face Mossy on June 9 on one condition. That stipulation is Polo vs. Dallas if he beats Moss, with the ICW ownership on the line! Dallas also unveiled his new enforcer – Sweeney! The ex-con spent the rest of the night attempting to track down Polo, who can look forward to his biggest challenge yet in ICW at Flava In Your Ear!

James R. Kennedy introduced his latest signing, Kenneth, who partnered up with "Teen Sensation" Christopher to face Fight Club. The new duo upset the odds with the help of Kennedy's other client Kirsty Loveign, and they started off on their tag team exploits with a massive win. Kid Fite and Liam Thomson didn't take it too well and demolished everyone afterwards. No doubt, these are two teams who will be eyeing up a shot at The Bucky Boys titles sooner rather than later.

All in all, a superb night and plenty to chew over ahead of June 9th.