By Neil Murray

The Luke... Who's Yer Da? show went ahead after a last minute change of venue, and The Garage saw history made with Kay Lee Ray crowned the first-ever Fierce Females Champion.

Kay Lee was lucky to even be in the final after Viper attacked her following her victory over Rhia O'Reilly in the semi-finals, but we all know how tough Kay Lee is.

In a bruising encounter, which ended up all over the venue, Carmel got involved and Kay Lee tried to fight her off only for Viper to leap from the top rope and land on them. Then Fiona Fraser - who was earlier in the night attacked by Viper - got involved only for Kay Lee to leap from The Garage balcony onto Fraser and Viper and end that set to.

Following a couple of close counts for both females, Kay Lee pulled the win out of nowhere with an inside cradle to seal her championship triumph.

In a nice touch, both girls shook hands at the end and showed their respect for each other.

The duo had progressed earlier in the night, Viper's qualification being the more controversial. With April Davids out injured and the Ayrshire native having no opponent, Fraser came to the ring to berate April only for Viper to drill her with a Michinoku Driver. Within moments, Ayesha Ray descended on the ring and both she and Viper attempted to destroy each other. Fierce Females promoter Mikey Whiplash had no hesitation naming Ray as Viper's opponent and, in an extremely physical contest, the Scot overcame her English opponent to progress.

Kay Lee and Rhia certainly pulled no punches in their semi-final with Rhia's power versus Kay Lee's technical ability complementing each other in the ring. Even with Carmel interfering, Kay Lee managed to seal the win with a Swanton Bomb before Viper's attack left her writhing in agony.

Luke... Who's Yer Da? also seen the debut of three other wrestlers in ICW.

The experienced Blue Nikita faced Erin Angel in her first match in the promotion and it was an entertaining one at that. Nikita's slaps to Erin's chest were certainly not for the faint-hearted and, to Erin's credit, she hit straight back. Erin won via a lovely reversal into a Code Red and celebrated by pouring a beer over her chest.

Canadian Leah von Dutch made her Scottish bow wih a match against Carmel. This one certainly had the crowd into it, and Leah seemed to enjoy her first bout on Scottish soil. Von Dutch put up a great fight but Carmel finished the match off with a thunderous DDT. Leah, though, certainly made an impression and, for Carmel, a title shot against Kay Lee will be on her mind .

Then we had the craziness of Mary Dobson against the no nonsense Bete Noire in a clash that had everything. Bete even had the ICW Fanzine - Insane! - stapled to her back, and Mary a page from it to her tongue! Add to that chairs, a bin and a kendo stick and it was utter mayhem. Noire went through a makeshift table from the top rope whilst Bete performed a Death Valley Driver on Dobson outside the ring at the ramp. The finish though was superb, with Mary's split legged moonsault armed with a chair onto Noire a perfect way to end this one.

The ICW crowd will definitely want to see more of Dobson and, for Noire, this showed she can compete in this type of environment.

The six woman tag match was a late addition to the card, but showcased some fine talent with The Owens Twins teaming with Sakura Lily to face Sara, Lisa Fury and James R. Kennedy's client Kirsty Loveign. In the pre-cursor to the Main Event, Leah Owens picked up the win for her side when she pinned Kirsty in another entertaining match. Kennedy yet again berated Loveign afterwards.

There was no doubt this event was a success and the ICW fans will be desperate to see more of the girls in action soon!