ICW: Third Annual Square Go Results
By Scott Reid

It may have been a cold winters night, but on January 26th 2014, nowhere was hotter than the Garage in Glasgow, where over 700 fans packed into the venue to witness a highlight of the ICW calendar: The Square Go. As well as the over-the-top-rope match which ended the evening, 4 matches graced the card which left the crowd speechless on man an occasion.

The night started off on a joyous note, with Billy Kirkwood and Veronica Le Strange announcing the return of ICW Worldwide, but the celebrations were soon put on hold, as the New Age Kliq quickly arrived to wreck the party. Divers, Renfrew and BT Gunn were on hand to reveal the 4th member of the NAK, and as the man in question walked to the ring, masked and hooded, no one could be prepared for who it would be; Stevie Boy. The high flying Bucky Boy stood side-by-side with the men who took the Tag Team Championships away from him in August, as the crowd racked their brains to make sense of the situation. The Wee Man soon appeared, to confront the NAK, giving Stevie time to call under the ring, and herald the arrival of Davey Boy, who had been lying in wait to catch the New Age Kliq off guard alongside his tag-team partner. Not usually on the receiving end of a sneak attack, the NAK were dropped by the Bucky Boys, at which time Mark Dallas called for an impromptu ICW Tag Team Championship match. The action was fast and furious between the two teams, who have developed a lot of bad blood over the last few months. Despite the 3-on-2 advantage to the NAK, The Bucky Boys pulled out every trick in their arsenal to try and reclaim the tag team gold, and even received a little help in the form of Wolfgang, who appeared through the crowd to get his hands on his cousin, BT Gunn. When all was said and done though, the referee counted a double pin, with both teams scoring a fall. With no clear winner, Mark Dallas announced that as of now, the ICW Tag Team Championships are vacated. We will now need to wait and see what the future holds for the ICW Tag Team Championships.

Joe Coffey and James Scott have locked horns twice in recent months, and delivered breath-taking matches which saw each competitor pick up one victory a piece. To finally settle the score and determine an undisputed winner in their feud, both men agreed to compete in a match which James Scott knows all too well: a 30-Minute Iron Man match. With both men having a point to prove, Scott and Coffey were on top of their game for the full half hour, display the technical prowess and undeniable skill that have become a trademark of these two grapplers. Each man was able to score one fall each, with the score staying tied for some time. In the final moments of the match, Scott had Coffey trapped in a vicious ankle lock, and as the clock counted down, fans held their breath to see if Joe could persevere, or if he would be forced to tap out. The final bell rang, however, before Joe submitted, leaving the contest a draw. Not content with having another match of the night going to a draw, Mark Dallas sent the match into sudden-death overtime, with an added stipulation; the winner of the match would enter the Square Go match at number 30, with the loser entering at number 1. Obviously taken aback by this new stipulation, James Scott took his eye off the prize just long enough for Joe Coffey to deliver a destructive Discus Lariat, and score the winning fall. James Scott may have fought a hard battle, but in 2014, the title of "ICW's Iron Man" goes to the clotheslining colossus that is Joe Coffey.

Jackie Polo returned to ICW last month, attacking Lionheart and announcing that the two bitter enemies would finally step into the ring together at ICW: Still Smokin' on March 30th. Before that match takes place however, Jackie Polo had another challenge on his hands. 'The King of Chat' arrived at the Third Annual Square Go to take on former Zero-G Champion, 'Unstoppable' Andy Wild, who was no doubt looking to gain his first victory of 2014 and get himself back on the road to winning the Zero-G Championship. "Scotland's Best Wrestler" may only have a few ICW matches under his belt, but Jackie Polo was on top form, going toe-to-toe with one of the finest natural in-ring talents that ICW has ever seen in a strong back and forth match. Soon enough though, Lionheart appeared, distracting Polo briefly, and giving Andy Wild the opportunity to lay out his opponent with the Wild Night Out. Polo somehow managed to stay in the match however, and scored the win after a Helicopter Spin to his exhausted opponent. Following his victory, Polo found himself face to face with his nemesis, Lionheart, in the ring. After months of silence, Lionheart finally took to the mic and reminded Polo that, while he may be on the rise in Scottish Wrestling, Lionheart has already tasted success throughout his career, and has accomplished titles and other accolades that some only dream of. Capping off his speech, Lionheart used the words of the great Ric Flair; "To be the man, you have to beat the man", and promised that, should Polo be victorious in March, he can then claim to be what he says he is; 'Scotland's Best Wrestler'. Polo attempted to retort, but Lionheart was quick to gain some revenge from last month, and dropped his soon-to-be opponent in the centre of the ring. With the tension between Lionheart and Jackie Polo constantly growing, the heat between the two men will undoubtedly be nuclear by the time we reach ICW: Still Smokin' on March 30th at the o2 ABC.

The ICW Heavyweight Championship was then on the line, with the defending title-holder Jack Jester taking on a man who, many say, is the best professional wrestler in the world today, Fergal Devitt. Jester has fought tooth-and-nail to win, and hold onto, the ICW Heavyweight Championship, but he faced a truly intense challenge in the shape of the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. Donning his symbiote war paint, Devitt made his way to the ring to a rapturous welcome before being faced with the man who personifies ICW, Jack Jester. Both extremely tough competitors, there was no holding back in this match, as Devitt and Jester waged war throughout the entire venue. Blasting each other with chairs, both men fought bravely and never backed down for a moment. Even after delivering a Double Foot Stomp to Jester through a table from the commentary booth, Devitt could not keep the champion down. Back in the ring, it was anyone's guess who would walk out as the Champion, but after a long hard fight, Jester was able to deliver a Tombstone Piledriver to defend the ICW Heavyweight Championship once again. Showing nothing but respect for his opponent, Devitt extended his hand to Jester, who graciously accepted the show of appreciation from international star. Not only was this another victorious title defence for Jack Jester, but he also now say that, on January 26th 2014, he took, arguably, the best in the world to his very limits.

Before the final match of the night took place, the fans received a surprise in the form of Mikey Whiplash, who has been on the injured list following his unfortunate accident last month in his match with Grado. Thanking the fans for their support and appreciation during his recovery, Mikey had someone else he wished to thank, and called him to the ring. ICW official Eddie Sideburns was the man in charge last month during Whiplash's match, and called a stop to the contest when he deemed that Whiplash was too hurt to continue. Mikey thanked Eddie for looking out for him, and shook the young referee's hand. As Eddie headed out of the ring though, Whiplash showed his true colours, and blindsided Sideburns, decimating him and leaving him prone on the ring canvas before dragging out the same ring barrier which impaled Whiplash. Looking to powerbomb Eddie through the barrier, his attempts were thwarted by Grado, who saved the ICW official while showing his disgust for Mikeys actions.

It was then time for the Third Annual Square Go match, with the winner receiving a guaranteed shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at a time of their choosing. After suffering his loss earlier in the evening, James Scott was out first, before being joined by the ICW Zero-G Champion, Mark Coffey. As the match progressed, they were joined by a mixture of ICW mainstays, and young talent looking for a golden opportunity at glory. Unlikely alliances were forged throughout the match, but when the time came for the NAK to enter the match, the finely-tuned team decimated everyone in their path. The Bucky Boys were soon re-united in the match, and took the fight straight to the NAK, but an ominous message from the Sumerian Death Squad distracted Davey and Stevie long enough for Renfrew and BT to eliminate the former Tag Team Champions. As the match rolled on, Grado entered to make up for his unfair elimination last year, but before he could make it to the ring, Mikey Whiplash attacked and seemingly took Grado out of the match. Wolfgang and Joe Coffey entered the match soon after, with both men definite favourite in the contest. With the tension from their match not quite calmed down, Joe and James Scott, who had been in the match for almost an hour, came to blows once again and eliminated each other, leaving Wolfgang alone with Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn. As the numbers game seemed to be becoming too much, Grado suddenly re-appeared and was entered officially into the Square Go, helping his friend fight off the NAK. In a heated battle between the final four, every man fought with everything they had to secure their shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Wolfgang and BT Gunn soon found themselves eliminated from the match, after they both took a horrific tumble over the top rope and into the ringside barrier. The referee's rushed to check on the two men, leaving no-one to see Grado manage to eliminate Chris Renfrew. The crowd went wild as Grado had seemingly earned his shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship, but Chris Renfrew knows every trick in the book, and sneaked back into the ring before the referees could officially call his elimination. Capitalising on Grado's celebration, Renfrew dumped 'The People's Champion' over the top-rope onto the referees, winning the Third Annual Square Go in controversial fashion. Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester have already developed a very intense rivalry in recent months, but with Renfrew now able to demand a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship at a time of his choosing, Jester has a huge target on his back, and will need to do everything in his power to not fall victim to a sneak attack from the NAK which could cost him his coveted championship.