100% Shenanigans Results
By Scott Reid

"The ICW Christmas Special" promised to be full of surprises, and sure enough, fans were left speechless on more than one occasion on December 1st, with some phenomenal matches, unexpected returns, and chaotic moments all taking place to round off 2013 in true ICW style.

Wolfgang Vs. BT Gunn

The opening match of the evening saw Wolfgang make his way to the ring to take on his cousin, BT Gunn, in a match that spawned from the events of last month, when BT cut Wolfgangs hair in the ring, disgracing a very personal bond that Wolfie had made with a much-loved family member. As the opening bell rang, BT kneeled before Wolfgang, refusing to fight him, and leaving his enraged cousin confused. What looked like surrender however, turned out to be merely a ruse, as BT attacked Wolfgang from behind, looking to gain the upper-hand. The fight would not stay fair for long though as, despite their apparent promise to interfere; Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers stormed the ring, and attacked Wolfgang alongside their NAK teammate, forcing security to step in, and for the match to be declared a no-contest. Wolfgang may not have got his hands on BT then, but he didn't have long to wait for another opportunity.

Lionheart Vs. Kenneth w/James R Kennedy

James R Kennedy then made his presence felt, coming to the ring with Kenneth. Before the usually talkative Kennedy could have much of a say in any of the evening's proceedings, Kenneth silenced him, and issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker-room. The call made by the young man was answered by the recently re-signed Lionheart, competing in his first match since officially returning full-time to the ICW roster last month. The match was fast and furious, with Lionheart showing no signs of ring-rust, and Kenneth impressing the ICW fans once again with his phenomenal abilities inside the ring. With the fans firmly in his corner, Kenneth took to the top rope to deliver a high impact move, but James R Kennedy had other ideas. Jumping up onto the apron, Kennedy tried to persuade Kenneth not to take such a high risk, but amongst their squabbling, Kennedy caused the young prospect to lose his balance, and fall from the turnbuckle. This was the opening Lionheart needed to seal the victory with his signature Frog-Splash, but the heart and guts of Kenneth clearly impressed the ring veteran. After delivering a post-match Superkick to James R Kennedy, Lionheart extended his hand in respect to his young opponent, declaring that "Kenny Williams had arrived!". Lionhearts victory would be cut short however as, from the darkness that engulfed the Garage, Jackie Polo appeared and knocked Lionheart out with a polo-club shot to the head before announcing that, at ICW: Still Smokin' in March, we would finally see Jackie Polo vs Lionheart.

NAK Vs. Stevie, Sebastian Radclaw & Wolfgang

The Wee Man, Stevie Boy and Lambrinii made their way to the ring next, however Davey Boy was nowhere to be seen, after his unfortunate attack at the hands of Chris Renfrew and Dickie Divers earlier in the week. The NAK soon followed, believing that they would have an easy night at the office, only to be met with Stevie's impromptu tag partners, Sebastian Radclaw and Wolfgang! All 6 men threw everything they had at their opponents, as bodies were sent flying through the air, and chaos reigned supreme. One thing we have learned in recent months though is that the New Age Kliq prospers in chaos, and they managed to pick up the win by delivering Killer Boots, Man to Radclaw, adding to an already impressive run of victories in ICW over the last few months.

Joe Coffey Vs. James Scott

Next up was a re-match from last month, pitting James Scott against Joe Coffey. Two of the finest wrestling talents in the UK today, these men destroyed each other in Edinburgh last month, with Coffey narrowly escaping with the win. With the re-match came a better understanding of what each man was capable of, and both Coffey and Scott were careful not to under-estimate one and other. The match showcased exactly why these two men are so revered within Scottish wrestling, but in the end, James Scott was declared the winner after locking Coffey in a Guillotine choke, forcing the tough-as-nails competitor to tap out. Post-match, Coffey congratulated Scott on his victory, but added that there must be a round 3, and challenged him to an Iron Man match at the 3rd Annual Square Go, which Scott graciously accepted.

ICW's 3rd Annual Square Go will take place on January 26th 2014, at the Garage in Glasgow. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster, Ticket Scotland, Solid Rock Café and Rufus T. Firefly.

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Mikey Whiplash Vs. Grado

The half-time main event was due to take place next, with Grado and Mikey Whiplash set to go at it one more time, in the third meeting in their storied rivalry. Fan excitement was through the roof for this contest, however an unfortunate injury brought the match to a close in the early going. Pulling out the big guns early, Mikey hit a Suicide Dive to the outside on Grado, but found himself rocketing into the steel security barrier, which broke and impaled the former ICW Champions leg. Whiplash tried to continue the match, but the injury was too severe, which caused the referee to call a stop to match. Fans will now have to wait a while longer to see Whiplash vs Grado again, but the main focus on everyone's mind is the full and speedy recovery of one of the finest competitors in ICW, Mikey Whiplash.

At ICW: 100% Shenanigans, Mikey Whiplash suffered an unfortunate leg injury which resulted in his match with Grado being stopped by the referee. While launching...

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Mark Dallas Confronted By Two Enemies?

Returning from the interval, Mark Dallas came to the ring to inform the fans that Mikey Whiplash had been taken to hospital, but he was soon met with a huge shock. The lights in the venue dimmed, heralding the return of Dallas's former security guard, Sweeney. Despite the best attempts of the ICW security team, Sweeney laid waste to every one of them, before handing Dallas a mysterious document, and placing a pair of shades on his face. As Sweeney quietly left his scene of destruction, it seemed that the surprises were over, but this was not the case. From the crowd came former ICW Heavyweight Champion, Red Lightning, who finally signed his contract and declared himself the newest member of the ICW roster, before seemingly burying the hatchet with Dallas, and promising that, while the fans may think he is a wanker, he will strive to be "The People's Wanker", which drew a rapturous reaction from the crowd.

The Owens Twins Vs. Carmel & Nikki Storm

The Owens Twins vs Carmel and Nikki Storm was up next, with Kay Lee Ray being assigned the Special Referee. There was a lot of bad blood going into this match, with The Owens Twins feeling the verbal sting of Carmel a few months back, as well as Kasey Owens being hospitalised by Storm some time ago. The resentment between both teams could not have been more evident, as all four competitors brutally attacked each other at any given opportunity. Kay Lee Ray, despite having a very intense history with Carmel, appeared to be calling the match completely down the middle for the most part, but after a miscommunication which saw her being accidently struck, Ray lost control, and laid out Kasey Owens. Despite realising her mistake, it was too late, as Carmel capitalised on the incident and covered Kasey for the win.

As if a loss wasn't enough for The Owens Twins to deal with, The NAK reared their heads once again, unexpectedly making their way to the ring, and proving that absolutely no-one in ICW is safe from their brutality. As Renfrew held Leah in the corner, BT Gunn delivered a thunderous superkick to Kasey, laying her out. Kay Lee Ray, who never steps down from a fight, bravely tried to protect The Owens Twins, but it would be in vain, as she received a brutal chop from BT, before being viciously taken out by Killer Boots, Man. Leah soon felt the effect of a Stoner from Renfrew, before The NAK brought a chair into the ring to dish out more punishment. Before the damage could be done however, Wolfgang appeared and covered the prone Kasey, taking the assault from BT's steel chair to protect her. With a ring full of beaten bodies, the New Age Kliq had once again asserted their status as a truly dangerous force to be reckoned with in ICW.

An Evening With Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry may not have had the most promising debut in ICW history, but that did not stop him making his way to 100% Shenanigans for 'An Evening with Joe Hendry', a special acoustic set from the multi-talented newcomer. Alongside his new friend, James R Kennedy, Joe performed a special edited version of the ICW theme song, 'Crank', before addressing Damian O'Connor, who defeated him twice last month. The trash talking was more than enough to set Damo off, as he made his way to the ring and, once again, destroyed Hendry. Hendry may not have made the impact that he had hoped for, but he has certainly been leaving a definite impression on Damo with his insults.

Zero G Championship - Mark Coffey Vs. Liam Thomson

The Zero-G Championship was on the line next, as reigning champion Mark Coffey defended the title against one half of Fight Club, Liam Thomson. Both of these men are exceptionally skilled grapplers, and two of the most technically sound wrestlers in all of ICW. With the gold on the line, Coffey and Thomson were firing on all cylinders, and competed at the top of their game in a technical masterclass. On more than one occasion, it looked like Liam may well have been on his way to capturing the Zero-G Championship, but it was not to be, as Mark Coffey delivered a devastating Pumphandle Slam to his opponent, allowing him to leave with the victory, and the gold. As he stood victorious in the ring, Coffey took to the mic and boldly declared that, while he may hold the Zero-G Championship belt, he should be recognised as the true ICW Champion, having defeated Mikey Whiplash, the only duel Champion in ICW history, to win the gold. Mark has certainly become a major player in ICW 2013, but will 2014 see him pursue the ICW Heavyweight Championship, in hopes of finally being recognised as the true title holder?

ICW Championship - Jack Jester Vs. Kid Fite

It was finally time for the main event of the night, as Jack Jester defended the ICW Heavyweight Championship against Kid Fite. Two of the very best competitors in ICW who have a lot of history together, Kid Fite and Jack Jester once battled alongside each other in defence of ICW, but now, they would face off for the right to be called the companies Champion. Jester had fought long and hard to win the title at Fear & Loathing VI, and he showed no intention of giving the belt up. Kid Fite, however, had not had a shot at ICW singles gold since Fear & Loathing 2 back in 2009, and was fired up and looking to make this opportunity count. His recent attitude change has seen him become more violent than ever before, and many thought that this mean-streak could be what Kid Fite needed to knock Jester off the top of the ladder in ICW. The match started off slowly, with each man trying to feel out his opponent, but things soon kicked off into a vicious brawl that saw Jester and Fite battling all over the Garage. Caution was thrown to the wind as these two extremely tough competitors attempted to decimate each other to win the gold. Bodies were thrown over tables, and seating booths were ripped apart, all in the pursuit of the ICW Heavyweight Championship. Eventually, Liam Thomson appeared to aid his tag-team partner by hitting the Backstabber on Jester, which was followed up by a Lockback DDT from Fite, but even this was not enough to keep the Hardcore Icon down. Refusing to lose the belt that he fought so long to earn, Jester fought back against both members of Fight Club, and delivered a Tombstone out of nowhere on Kid Fite to retain the gold in his second title defence.

ICW Championship - Jack Jester Vs. Red Lightning

The night was seemingly over for the champion, but Red Lightning looked to change that, as he appeared and announced that, since he never had a re-match to reclaim the ICW Heavyweight Championship which he lost earlier in the year to Mikey Whiplash, he would be cashing-in his re-match opportunity right now, all the while assuring Jester that it was nothing personal, it was simply the opportunistic moment. The match never took place however, as Fight Club returned to the ring and attack Jester and Red. This prompted a heated brawl to take place, with most of the ICW roster making their way out to the ring and getting involved. Everyone from Damo, to Grado, to Mark and Joe Coffey entered the fray, with bodies flying in and out of the ring, giving us a taster of what fans can expect to see at the 3rd Annual Square Go in January. In a truly shocking moment that had fans screaming with joy, it came to be that eventually, the only men left standing in the ring were The NAK and all four members of The Gold Label, reunited at last. It may have only been a brief re-kindling of this now-legendary rivalry, but the atmosphere in the building was electric. Fueled by years of disdain and anger, The NAK and The Gold Label mercilessly attacked each other, before The NAK retreated to the back to fight another day. With the chaos having spoiled the proceedings, Red Lightning decided against cashing-in his rematch opportunity there and then, but Jester made it very clear that if the former champion wanted a shot at the gold, all he had to do was ask.

100% Shenanigans capped off 2013 with a bang, and now we must look to the 3rd Annual Square Go on January 26th, were 30 men will have the opportunity to win a shot at the ICW Heavyweight Championship. It's a night that can change the course of a competitor's career, or indeed the course of ICW as a whole, and you will not want to miss it!