ICW Awards 2013 Results
By Scott Reid

The 2013 ICW Awards were an opportunity to celebrate a rollercoaster year for Insane Championship Wrestling, and to honour those who have stood out amongst the phenomenally talented roster which the company boasts. Taking place at one of ICW's former havens, The Classic Grand, The ICW 2013 Awards Night turned out to be a truly memorable night indeed.

The first award of the night was for Best on the Microphone. The likes of Carmel, Chris Renfrew and Red Lightning all found themselves in the running for this award, but in the end, the fans voted for a man who uses a microphone like a deadly weapon; Jackie Polo. Appearing unexpectedly, Polo pulled no punches in his speech, focusing his attention on the man he will face at Still Smokin', Lionheart. While delivering a scathing speech towards his rival, Polo hinted that we may see him on January 26th at the Third Annual Square Go, before 'The King of Chat' left with his trophy in hand.

Next up was the Best Newcomer award, which was presented by the current Zero-G Champion, Mark Coffey. Despite close competition from fellow newcomers Lewis Girvan, 'Crazy' Mary Dobson and Kenneth, the masked marvel Solar picked up the award, to a rapturous applause from the fans in attendance. Coffey, however, seemed unimpressed, stating that Solar wasn't even able to finish a match against him, making him undeserving of such an award. Proving that he wasn't intimidated, despite what Coffey had done to him previously in the ring, Solar challenged the Zero-G Champion for a shot at his title, which Mark Coffey happily accepted, but only if the match takes place at the same venue where they did battle previously; the O2 ABC. With a handshake between both men, it was made official: Solar will take on Mark Coffey once again at ICW: Still Smokin'.

It was then time for some mid-show entertainment, with 'The Local Hero' Joe Hendry, accompanied by James R. Kennedy, performing his cover of the ICW theme song, 'Crank', live for the crowd in attendance. While the performance was a hit with the crowd, the mood quickly changed when Hendry once addressed Mark Dallas, in an attempt to make the ICW owner book him on an upcoming event.

The award for Fierce Female of the Year was next, with ICW Fierce Females Champion Kay Lee Ray receiving the award for her un-paralleled efforts in 2013, which saw her thrown against walls, and becoming the inaugural Fierce Females Champion. Kay Lee unfortunately wasn't able to attend the event, however two standouts of the Fierce Females roster, Viper and Bête Noire, were on hand to pick up the award in her absence.

The award for Tag Team of the Year was a highly coveted award of the evening, with ICW's brimming tag team division as hot as it has ever been. Teams like The Bucky Boys, the Sumerian Death Squad, The Coffeys and Fight Club all performed at the top of their game in 2013, but the winners of the award were the men who currently hold the ICW Tag Team Championships, the New Age Kliq. Causing chaos from the moment they were announced as the winners, Renfrew, Gunn and Divers took to the stage to accept their trophies, before Renfrew delivered yet another of his venomous speeches, attacking everyone from the ICW roster, to the fans who voted for the winner of each award. The NAK bring anarchy and disorder wherever they go, and the ICW Awards were no exception.

Another highly sought-after award, Match of the Year, was an award which could have gone to anyone of a number of matches. So many bouts during 2013 could have been crowned as match of the year, but the fans voted and awarded the title to Mikey Whiplash vs Grado from ICW: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day. Both men were on hand to accept the award, with Mikey Whiplash looking to be on the mend following his unfortunate accident at ICW: 100% Shenanigans in December. With that match in mind, Grado took to the mic and asked Whiplash if, once again, they could step into the ring together, and give fans one more chance to see them square off. Whiplash, never one to back down from a challenge, accepted Grado's propostion, sending the crowd into a joyous uproar.

While fans may have thought they had seen the last of the New Age Kliq for the evening, they were gravely mistaken, as Chris Renfrew was to take to the stage to receive one more award. The Moment of the Year award was snatched up by Renfrew for his actions at ICW: So's Yer Maw, where he shockingly turned his back on ICW and Mark Dallas to reform the New Age Kliq. Again, Renfrew delivered a speech like only he can, this time sarcastically thanking Mark Dallas for being part of the monumental moment with him, before he, Divers and BT Gunn tore up the stage, leaving their undeniable impression on the night.

The Insane Wrestler of the Year Award goes to the wrestler who has personified the insanity within ICW throught 2013. Jimmy Havoc and 'Crazy' Mary Dobson were strong competitors for this award, but the ICW Heavyweight Champion, Jack Jester, was the man who left with the trophy, having spilled blood, and faced off against Hardcore legends in one of the biggest years of his career. Despite his intensity in the ring, Jester took to the mic and gave a calm and humble acceptance speech, thanking the fans for their support, and asking everyone to continue to support ICW going forward in what will no doubt be another massive year.

The final award of the night crowned the 2013 Wrestler of the Year. With the ICW roster as strong as it has ever been, so many names have stepped up to the plate and delivered phenomenal matches, month in and month out. While a huge number of fans voted for many different names to win this award, in the end, it was presented to a man who has been part of some of the year's top matches, Mikey Whiplash. Whiplash has spent the year competing at the top of his game, becoming the first ever dual champion in ICW history, and main eventing the biggest show of the year, Fear & Loathing VI. A man of few words, Mikey graciously accepted his award and left the night simply thanking the ICW fans.

With the night almost at a close, Mark Dallas appeared on stage to hand out a very special award, the Mark Dallas Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence. Intended as an award for one of ICW's backstage crew, Dallas never actually announced a winner, as Joe Hendry and James R Kennedy invaded the stage out of nowhere. Not going to let them ruin the night, Grado jumped to the rescue and asked Hendry to join him in a final celebration to end the year. An entertainer to the end, Grado then belted out a rendition of 'Let Me Entertain You', before being joined by the rest of the ICW roster, leaving a final stamp on a great night.