by Scott Reid

Wolfgang's Zero-G Championship reign has been a tough one so far, with both of his title defences being against multiple opponents. Never one to back down from a fight however, Wolfgang has taken on all comers, and defended his title bravely. Originally booked to face former 2-time Zero-G Champion Noam Dar this Sunday, Wolfgang was asked to hand-pick a replacement, after Dar was forced to drop out due to injury. With the Zero-G division full of top rate stars, Wolfgang decided to give this great opportunity to a relative newcomer, Solar.

In his short time in ICW, Solar has managed to get fans firmly behind him, wowing them every time he steps through the ring with his high-flying skills. After his match with Noam Dar last month, Solar showed that he had the heart of a champion, fighting to the bitter end to make his mark in the company.

His efforts as of late have obviously left an impression on Wolfgang, who hand-picked the masked marvel to challenge for the Zero-G Championship. Wolfgang was quick to dispel any misconceptions that he believed he was choosing an easy opponent, saying: "Just for the record. I didn't choose Solar because of his size or that I thought it'd be an easy night. I choose Solar because of his performance not only in his No. 1 contenders match against Noam last month, but because I've been watching him since his debut in ICW in January and I personally truly enjoy watching him performing. He's what the Zero G title is all about and I cannot wait to face him one on one."

With this vote of confidence from the Champion, Solar will be looking to make the most of his opportunity, and hopefully walk away with the gold.

Can Wolfgang hold onto the Zero-G Championship for another month? Or will Solar defy the odds, and win the title only a few months after his debut? Do not miss this sure-to-be-exciting contest, and more at ICW: Flava In Yer Ear on June 9th at The Garage!