by Neil Murray

Wolfgang held on to his newly won Zero-G Championship in his first defence against teenage stars Solar and Noam Dar as well as his good friend Grado earlier this month at Get Your Rat Oot.

However, come this Sunday at ICW: Reservoir Dogs, he faces an altogether different title challenge when the duo of former Zero-G Champion Andy Wild and #SaveProWrestling Bulldozer Joe Coffey face him in a Triple Threat Match.

Wolfgang is excited at the prospect of this encounter, which brings three different styles into the equation, and he is especially happy to have the opportunity to face Coffey who has targetted his mate Grado in recent months.

He said: "I've been looking forward to my rematch with Andy Wild... but I cannot wait to get my hands on Coffey and get some payback for Grado!"

Wild, meanwhile, sees this as his chance to quickly regain a championship which he lost to Wolfgang at Tramspotting in February.

The 24-year-old held the belt for over seven months until that night in Edinburgh, and he is focused on winning the gold.

He revealed: "Unstoppable - Adjective. One that cannot be stopped or surpassed; Unbeatable.

"There are many reasons they call Andy Wild Unstoppable and this Sunday ICW, Wolfgang and Joe Coffey find out. I have never claimed to be anything more then I am, never called myself the best, the most underrated or underused but I AM the most Unstoppable.

"This Sunday the Zero-G Title returns to its rightful place around the waist of Andy Wild!"

Joe will do his talking in the ring by the looks of things. It will be Coffey's third attempt at winning the championship and he sent us this message: "No Comment.,, No Mercy!"

An enthralling match lies ahead, which won't be one for the faint-hearted. Can Wolfgang retain yet again?