by Scott Reid

A few months ago, Robbie Dynamite stepped into an ICW ring for the first time to face his former tag partner, Mikey Whiplash. Many fans initially did not know what to expect, but by the time the final bell had rung, the crowd knew exactly what they had just witnessed: one of the greatest displays of wrestling that ICW has ever had. At ICW: Flava In Yer Ear, Whiplash and Dynamite square-off once more, but this time, the stakes are even higher.

Last month, Mikey Whiplash succeeded in taking the ICW Heavyweight Championship from Red Lightning, and achieving his destiny. Now, in his first title defence, Mikey will step into the ring with a man who knows him almost better than anyone, Robbie Dynamite.

Fan expectation has been sky-high for this match, with people excited to see this monumental re-match, while also wondering if both competitors can top their original encounter. One thing that has become clear of Mikey Whiplash however is that anything is possible when he enters the ring, and with Robbie Dynamite in the opposing corner on June 9th, the main event of Flava In Yer Ear will undoubtedly be a classic for the ages.

Can Mikey Whiplash successfully defend his new ICW Heavyweight Championship against his former partner? Or will Robbie Dynamite climb to the top of the mountain in ICW, in only his second match for the company? This is a match you will not want to miss, so make sure you get your ticket for ICW: Flava In Yer Ear on June 9th at The Garage!