The King of Chat faces The Vigilante for a chance to cross the boss!
by Scott Reid

At ICW: Flava In Yer Ear, the future of Insane Championship Wrestling is well and truly hanging in the balance. After Johnny Moss destroyed the Polo Lounge, and its outspoken host Jackie Polo, Mark Dallas attempted to sign Polo in a match with "The Vigilante". Never one to be outsmarted, Polo saw this as an opportunity, and proposed a deal with Dallas.

Polo agreed to face Johnny Moss, but with an added stipulation. Should he defeat "The Vigilante", Polo will face Mark Dallas one-on-one, with ownership of ICW on the line. Dallas was sure that Moss would deliver Polo's head on a plate, and agreed to the terms, but is his faith misplaced?

Dallas has gone through a very traumatic period, and does not seem to be in the right state of mind as of late. Has he agreed to terms which could jeopardise his company's future? Will Jackie Polo slay the beast that he faces in the ring, and be one step closer to controlling ICW? Or will Johnny Moss crush the loud-mouthed King of Chat?

One thing is for sure. This match will be an extremely exciting affair that could change ICW forever. Make sure not to miss this, and more at ICW: Flava In Yer Ear on June 9th at The Garage!