Bete Noire Looks To Get Back On Track Against "Crazy" Newcomer At Luke...Who's Yer Da!
By Jamie Kennedy

With the Semi-Final matches in the ICW Fierce Females Championship Tournament this Saturday at Luke...Who's Yer Da, it'd be easy to overlook everything else on the card, focusing solely on those bouts. Thankfully, much like the regular ICW shows, the Fierce Females pride themselves on the old adage, 'never a dull moment' when in the ring.

One such match - which truly fits that description down a tee - is somewhat of a bid for redemption for Bete Noire, who comes face-to-face with the appropriately titled, Crazy Mary Dobson. Losing out to Viper at the last stage of the Title Tournament in February, Noire will see this one as a chance to roar back into contention, looking to place a bid to be in the hunt to challenge the newly-crowned champion.

For Dobson, a first appearance in ICW beckons, one which the well-travelled deathmatch veteran will be looking to seize with both, blood-letting hands. Having worked in North America, Japan and all over Europe, Dobson poses a serious obstacle despite her freshness to the Fierce Females arena. Speaking openly about her need for a win, Bete Noire also realises the challenge before her in Dobson.

"I absolutely have a point to prove", Noire told "Viper may have pinned me fair and square back at Tramspotting in Edinburgh, and I may have been covered in my own blood, but I still left the ring on my own two feet, without any help. I'm not out to prove that I deserve a future shot at the title, I'm going out to prove that I am the toughest wrestler on that roster."

"I know Mary Dobson's reputation and I've seen some of her previous matches. It's nothing personal, I can't wait to get my hands on her and see if she's really as 'crazy' as everyone says she is. I do this because I love the thrill of the fight. If it happens to be a little more violent than most then so be it."

Who will taste victory here; the determined Noire or the newcomer Dobson? Perhaps more crucially, will that taste of success come with one of blood? Find out on Saturday, May 3rd at The Classic Grand as ICW: Fierce Females present "Luke...Who's Yer Da!".