By Scott Ried

Despite being one of the youngest wrestlers on the ICW roster, Noam Dar has already held the ICW Zero-G Championship twice, challenged for the Heavyweight title at Fear and Loathing V, and is rapidly becoming a major name in British Wrestling. This Sunday at ICW: Reservoir Dogs, Noam is set to take on another young competitor, who has already made an impact in his short time in ICW: Solar.

One of the few luchadors competing in Scotland, Solar has already impressed the ICW fans, after a breath-taking debut at the Second Annual Square Go and, most recently, during the Fatal 4 Way for the Zero-G Championship. Speaking about his time in ICW so far, Solar said: "I am loving my time in ICW. The company has given me the opportunity to prove that I am the best high flyer in Scotland, and in the Four Way Zero-G title match at Get Yer Rat Oot, I did just that!" Ahead of his match with Noam Dar this Sunday, Solar spoke highly of his opponent, and expressed his excitement about facing the former Zero-G Champion. He stated: "I respect Noam a great deal. Being a two-time Zero-G champion is impressive, especially considering he is still a teenager. I only had a brief encounter with him during the Four Way Match, but when we were kicking the crap out of each other, I could tell, this is a man I want to wrestle."

He may respect Noam, but Solar made it clear that he has every intention of defeating his opponent on Sunday, to put himself in direct contention for the Zero-G Championship.

"Of course I plan on beating Noam and getting another shot at the Zero-G title. I want that belt. It was made for me. I am everything the Zero-G division was designed for, and I am more than willing to put my body on the line every chance I get to earn a chance at the gold!"

Noam Dar was also quick to voice his opinion of Solar, saying: "I'm looking forward to facing Solar. He's a product of hard work at a young age and no-one appreciates that more than me!"

So will the former 2-time Zero-G Champion Noam Dar get himself back on the road to the gold, or will the masked marvel Solar pick up his first victory in ICW? Whatever the outcome, this match will surely be an exciting encounter.