by Scott Reid

Project Mayhem is well and truly underway. The New Age Kliq have set their sights on destroying everyone and anyone involved with ICW, and have already kickstarted their plans at the expense of ICW MC, Lianne, as well as Fergal Devitt, and even the writers of the ICW Fanzine. Their plan is clear: bring about chaos.

ICW owner Mark Dallas has decided to fight chaos with chaos however, and has signed Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn in a tag match against two of the most popular, and dangerous, stars in all of ICW: Jimmy Havoc and Jack Jester.

Jimmy and Jester know all about mayhem, and will surely be out to defend the company they hold so dear to their violent hearts. With that being said, Renfrew and BT are no strangers to their opponents and, as they have recently shown, they have no problem taking things to the extreme if the situation calls for it.

Will Jimmy and Jester be able to put down the NAK, and defend ICW? Will Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn continue in their quest to destroy Insane Championship Wrestling? And will the new masked member of the NAK play a part in what will no doubt be a blood-soaked brawl to the finish? Do not miss this battle of icons, and much more at ICW: Flava In Yer Ear on June 9th at The Garage!