Last Minute Issues Hit Luke...Who's Yer Da! But The Show Will Go On!
By Neil Murray & Jamie Kennedy

Tonight, at Lukeā€¦ Who's Yer Da, the tournament to crown the first ICW: Fierce Females Champion reaches its finale.

Some last minute issues with the venue have been resolved and, due to The Classic Grand being unable to host, The Garage have stepped in. This news came just 24 hours after semi-finalist April Davids had to pull out due to injury.

So, could there be a spot for one of the other females to fill? There will be an announcement tonight on how the tournament will proceed with a triple threat match between Viper, Kay Lee Ray and Rhia O'Reilly, a Battle Royale for April's semi-final spot or any other number of possibilities being suggested by fans. However, two competitors who want the spot have already put their name forward. Bete Noire had two shots in the competition, though lost to Viper in February and Kay Lee Ray last month in a fatal four way also involving Carmel and Sara.

Bete said: "That spot belongs to me! Not only am I one of the toughest on the ICW roster, but it would give me one last crack at Viper!" Carmel, meanwhile, believes she should get the shot. She added: "There has been a lot of speculation over who deserves April's spot in the tournament. To be perfectly honest, I don't understand why there was ever a question... I am the only deserved female on that roster who never received a singles-match qualifier and it was MY hard-hitting style and willing to go that extra mile that prompted the innovation of a 'sister' company to ICW in the first place! "My performance and victory on the first Fierce Females show speaks for itself; you can hate me all you want, but everyone knows that I am the only person that has worked and earned a shot at the ICWFF Title. Fact!"

Whatever is decided, the three remaining wrestlers still left standing have battled to get to this point, but the lure of gold will surely drive each respective female on.