Pure Wrestling Royalty Meets The Definition Of Insanity Come ICW: Reservoir Dogs.
By Jamie Kennedy

"Project Mayhem is underway... #destroyprowrestling."

Above are the words of BT Gunn, member of the N.A.K (who have vowed to "destroy pro wrestling" as we know it) and former ICW Heavyweight Champion. Once a solid fan favourite, renowned for his never-say-die attitude and flamboyant determination, Gunn has morphed into a somewhat more polarising character; his current personality is hard to pin down, such is the unpredictability surrounding his every move. Along with the outspoken, brash and viperous Chris Renfrew by his side, much mist circles as fans, promoter Mark Dallas and the entire ICW company try to guess N.A.K's next play.

When thinking of the very prototype for a modern-day pro wrestler, Fergal Devitt must surely come to mind. Currently in his third reign as IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, the Irish-born grappler has lit up the Orient, becoming one of the most respected gaijin (foreigners) in Japan. Last seen in ICW at the cunningly titled Hadouken event in September, 2012, Devitt was one half of a stirring main event, eventually losing out to current ICW Zero-G Champion, Wolfgang. Even in defeat, Devitt made a huge impact on the ICW fans, all of whom were wowed into submission by his smooth execution and incredible wrestling ability.

Scheduled for ICW: Reservoir Dogs on Sunday, May 5th, Gunn vs. Devitt would in the past have promised to be a pure wrestling spectacle, one without the cloud of anxiety now shadowing it. With the current mindset of both Gunn and Renfrew however, a new aura envelops the bout. For Devitt, a decorated champion wherever he has wrestled, winning would go some way to erasing the disappointment he no-doubt felt at falling in his first ICW match. On the other side of the coin, the maniacal Gunn would see victory here as a signal of intent, sending a shockwave of fear through ICW. Project Mayhem is definitely underway, but is it a juggernaut which even a 'Prince' cannot stop?