By Scott Ried

At ICW: Terminator 2 – Judgement Day, ICW Heavyweight Champion Mikey Whiplash is set to defend his title against a man who he hand-picked to face, and who he has crossed paths with in previous months. That man is Grado.

Mikeys reasons for offering the challenge to Grado, however, are not as simple as one may think. While a champion must face many challengers, Mikey has personally given this opportunity to Grado due to one factor: Respect.

Respect is something that Mikey Whiplash has been preaching heavily over the last few months. Rather than cash in his championship opportunity after winning the Square Go, Mikey gave then-champion Red Lightning a month's notice before facing him, so as not to bring disgrace to the championship. In both of his recent matches with Robbie Dynamite, Mikey removed his entourage from ringside, and faced his opponent with the respect he deserved. The respect that the champion has for Grado, however, had to be earned through blood, sweat and tears.

Not long after Grado debuted in ICW, Mikey made his thoughts on the newcomer perfectly clear. Believing he did not deserve to step into the ICW ring, Mikey claimed to have no respect for Grado, branding him "A Joke" who was only successful due to his much-loved YouTube clips. With their verbal sparring over Twitter reaching boiling point, a match between the two was signed for Fear & Loathing 5, and Mikey Whiplash promised to kill "Gradomania".

At the sold out event, Grado was ready to fight, and battled his opponent with the heart of a champion, but few men can brawl like Mikey Whiplash, and eventually the "Stevenston Dream" was left beaten and battered, face down in a pile of thumbtacks. Such was the ferocity of the assault that Grado had to be carried from the ring, but after all that transpired, Grado refused to be kept down, and returned to face Mikey again one month later, tagging with Jack Jester to defeat Whiplash and his former minion Jam O'Malley.

It was this desire to succeed and prove himself that apparently changed Whiplash's view of Grado. Mikey beat him to within an inch of his life, and Grado came back fighting, earning the respect of the current ICW Champion.

With that respect winning Grado a shot at the gold this Sunday, will we see a very different encounter than before from these two men? Will Mikey Whiplash be able to defeat Grado once again? Or will Grado prove that the biggest heart is all you need to win?

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