by Scott Reid

Since winning the ICW Tag Team Championships, The Bucky Boys have been fighting champions, defending their belts against all comers. Last month however, the debuting Sumerian Death Squad, Tommy End and Michael Dante, would not take their defeat lying down and delivered a post-match beatdown to The Bucky Boys, as well as The Wee Man and Lambrinii. Making off with the tag team belts, The Sumerian Death Squad look determined to teach The Bucky Boys a lesson.

Until Dante and End return however, The Bucky Boys must step in the ring one more time with a team they know all too well, Fight Club.

While there is no bad blood between the teams, there is most definitely a competitive rivalry which brings out the best in both The Bucky Boys and Fight Club every time they face-off, and this match could be deliver some much needed momentum to both collectives. A win for The Bucky Boys could get them back on track, and lift their spirits after last month's assault, while a victory for Fight Club could position them firmly at the front of the line for an ICW Tag Team Championship shot, whenever the belts are returned.

The ICW tag team division is one of the best in the world, and these two teams are a testament to that. This will no doubt be an extremely competitive match, which will see both teams pushed to the limit!