By Niel Murray

War of Words Breaks Out Ahead of Title Clash

The Bucky Boys withstood an epic challenge at Get Your Rat Oot to retain their freshly won ICW Tag Team Titles. However, they face an even more dangerous obstacle this coming Sunday when Dutch team The Sumerian Death Squad are in town.

Davey and Stevie Boy battled the odds against the more experienced Fight Club and Big Hangovers, but secured a terrific victory to keep the belts won against The STI a few weeks earlier.

However, The SDS, made up of 27-year-old Tommy End and Michael Dante, 26, are another accomplished pairing, having wrestled all over Europe, America and Japan on their travels. Both have tasted tag team gold before and aim to take the titles away from The Bucky Boys at The Garage.

End, though, revealed the attraction of the championship belts is not at the forefront of their minds. He said: "The Bucky Boys are the targets. That's all we need to know. It would mean nothing to us [to win the belts], we care about finishing our contracts and then go where we are told to go. Their belts are tainted and held by decadent people in a decadent promotion in a defunct country.

"We are not underestimating The Bucky Boys; we just see their flaws. We have encountered drunk lunatics in the ring before. They are hard to put down, but very predictable. It's a lot like you would encounter with a wild animal with rabies. Eventually they flare out and they are easy to kill."

Davey Boy, though, insists the hometown boys will not relinquish their championships without a fight.

The youngest triple crown winner in Scottish wrestling history himself has accomplished a lot already in his career despite still being in his teens.

And Davey believes the Sumerian Death Squad are all talk ahead of their ICW: Reservoir Dogs clash, and is intent - along with Stevie - in knocking some respect into the Dutchmen.

He said: "The only thing i know about the SDS is that they are going to get fucking smashed come ICW and we will be standing on top, with the belts raised higher than Maggie Thatcher's knickers.

"The first title defence was against Fight Club and the Big Hangovers and now the SDS, so it is tough but it won't stop us from kicking their cunts in.

"They haven't shown us respect and they judge us when they don't even know us, but I will tell you this, come this Sunday, The Bucky Boys will force feed them the word respect."