By Neil Murray

There are not many people in this business who know Mikey Whiplash better than his compatriot Robbie Dynamite.

The Stoke-on-Trent natives have been wrestling with and against each other for over a decade, and at Get Your Rat Oot! they finally went face-to-face in an ICW contest.

The clash of the two – who have won their fair share of tag team titles with each other during their careers – proved exactly how much chemistry they have in the ring, and provided us with a tremendous encounter and Match of the Year contender to boot.

Dynamite admits his first experience of ICW is something he won't forget - especially because it was against someone who has he such a great history with. He said: "I really enjoyed what ended up being a great sporting contest and an example of great wrestling between two very well matched opponents.

"Obviously we know each other very well. We had our first 1 on 1 contest in Lincoln way back in 2000 and have teamed together a lot wrestling all over the world and winning tag titles in All Star and IPW:UK.

"That being said, we hadn't wrestled each other in a singles bout in over three years and, with each others styles constantly evolving, it was phenomenal how it all gelled together.

"I thoroughly enjoyed my ICW debut!"

Everyone who witnessed the battle between the two at The Garage was raving about it and a lot of fans are already calling for a rematch. That is something that appeals to 30-year-old Dynamite, and he exclusively revealed it will only happen in Insane Championship Wrestling!

Dynamite added: "If there is going to be a rematch, then it will be in ICW! I have negotiated a few bookings before the year's end and, if there is Whiplash-Dynamite 2, then we can start talking match of the year!"

Whiplash immediately issued a challenge to Red Lightning for his ICW Heavyweight Title following his victory over Dynamite, and the ball is rolling towards that match happening. And Dynamite firmly believes Mikey will be wearing the gold before too long.

He said: "Anyone can beat anyone on any given night. Ask Tyson Kidd or Daniel Bryan - both men I've defeated many times. And Mikey beat me!

"Lucky maybe, but when it comes down to it, Mikey is far from the ordinary. As you can well see, he's a genius inside the ring who has no regard for his own body! I know deep down that he will overcome Red Lightning!"

Could Whiplash v Dynamite 2 be an ICW Title bout down the line? Robbie admits that would be a dream match for him: "I would love a shot at both Mikey and the ICW Title, but before we get the cart before the horse, I have to prove myself to both ICW management and the faithful fans that made my debut such a special moment!"